Fri. April 4, 2014: Work and Plays

Friday, April 4, 2014
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and mild

Please toss a few bucks to the indiegogo campaign for SEAL TIDES, a comic mystery play educating the public on local marine life. Even a small contribution makes a huge difference.

Worked on client projects and pitches all day. Did some work on the script, but not enough, so that’s first on the agenda this morning.

Tessa was a happy cat because we went out three times yesterday — morning coffee, lunch, and evening glass of wine/reading next book for my editor.

The book I’m reviewing is another very good one — I’m pleased.

Worked on promotion and admin for the play. One of our props should be here today, so I hope it arrives before I have to leave for NMLC.

Working my way through some frustrations. Saturn is seriously kicking my ass and making me reassess certain choices. Because last year had so much reassessment in it, I hoped I was done, but no such luck.

Editing intensive winds up today. They put in an intense three months. Let’s hope they have taken enough tools from it to apply moving forward. I think so — this batch is more motivated than some other classes I’ve taught. I’ve noticed, over the past couple of years, in classes, students only look at the note in the sentence itself, not in the context of their work, and one winds up giving the same notes over and over, because they look at it, fix it in the moment, and forget. That’s not learning. That’s expecting free editing.
The point of working on your pieces in a class or workshop situation is to learn beyond those specific words on that specific page and apply what you learn moving forward.

Took the recycling and leaves to the dump, and did some yard work, mostly on the front. Raked out beds, made room for what’s coming up. Will try to get in another hour or so today before the rain starts.

Busy weekend, including rehearsals, loading in lights and sound, and, hopefully, finalizing our SM/understudy.

To work.


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