Mon. March 31, 2014: Inspiration and Directions

Monday, March 31, 2014
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mars Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Can’t believe this is the last day of March. I’ll have a wrap up on the GDR site later today.

Busy weekend. Worked flat out on Friday, with students, on a client project, on stuff for the NMLC, on contest entries, on a proposal that’s in negotiation that would be both exciting and lucrative, met with a client and that gig will start in two weeks, and then headed to the Marine Life Center about mid-afternoon.

Worked in the office there for a few hours, set up, and we had a good rehearsal. A cold one — the heat’s not working in the building — but a good one. I am going to have to cut a beat out of the play, though — it belongs in a different play.

Exhausted by the time I got home, and feeling like I was coming down with something. Woke up on Saturday feeling AWFUL, although it was a beautiful day out. I think the stress of the week caught up with me and started manifesting physically.

Deeply, deeply disappointed and hurt that I didn’t hear back on a long-term gig who promised me an answer last Thursday. I’m assuming I didn’t get it. I’m sure six months or a year from now, it will make sense and I’ll understand the WHY of it, and why I wound up somewhere else I was supposed to be, but it’s still bitter right now.

Had to run one errand, and also took Tessa out in her enclosure for awhile, because the weather was mild enough. Then, I bundled up and spent the rest of the weekend resting, and working on contest entries. Some were really good; others didn’t quite make the mark. Some of them were so poorly constructed that one couldn’t even get to the story through all the mess.

Finished an interesting book for my reviews editor. Will write that up and send it off today.

Had a big aha! moment on a story idea I’ve been playing with for years. It’s been probably over ten years since I first came up with this character, but I couldn’t quite find the way in. Now, I’ve found it. I’ve done a solid 1K on the piece this morning — even though it’s not either of the pieces I SHOULD be working on. It’s a difficult, emotional opening, but it’s what this piece wants and needs. It’s starting down in Florida, but the bulk of the book –and the series — will take place in New Bedford. Guess I’ll be spending some quality time there when the weather gets better.

So much on my plate today, I better get to it!


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  1. Hope you’re feeling better today. Maybe working in that cold did it. That would make anyone feel awful.

    Enjoy the last day of March. 🙂

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