Wed. March 26, 2014: Blizzard

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
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Yup, we’re hit with a blizzard. Can’t even see out of the windows, the snow’s been blown against them. Peeked out of the door — the accumulation’s not as high as predicted, but the wind and the sideways snow are making it dangerous right now.

However, it’s supposed to clear out quickly, so I’m hoping tonight’s rehearsal can stand.

Worked flat out yesterday, with students, did a review for my editor, pitched for jobs, worked on client projects. Revised the script again, and printed off the replacement pages on green paper. I’m doing the revisions television-script style, with each set of revisions printed on a different color, dated in the header.

I’m definitely glad I moved this morning’s meeting – no way could I have made it, even though it’s only a mile away!

Hunkering down, working on what I can, hoping for the best.

Stay safe and warm!


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  1. Thank goodness it’s not one of those scary-deep snows with the winds. I’ve lived through a few of those, and you really are stranded if the power goes out.

    Fingers crossed your storm will disappear fast. Bring on spring!

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