Thurs. March 13: Working on the Play

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde

Yup, it’s snowing again. Not much, just enough to mess it up for people in the morning. Last night, there was a bad rain storm with high winds.

Took care of some correspondence before heading to the library in the morning. Worked in the library, in spite of a group of horrible women sitting around yapping at the top of their lungs. It’s a LIBRARY people; some of us are here to work. In addition, if you’re going to disturb people who are trying to work, at least be INTERESTING. Selfish, entitled bitches are boring.

But I got a bunch of work done, then headed off to Craigville Mexican and Pizza to meet a friend for lunch. We had fun, figured out a bunch of stuff for the play. I went back to the library to do some work, and then headed home before the storm started.

The play is partially cast. I’m waiting for an answer back from someone else, and I’m looking at prospects for the final role. Fingers crossed I can take care of that in the next couple of days, because we need to get into rehearsal next week to be ready for the Grantee Reception.

Hey, if you’re not close enough come see the play, you can still be a part of it and donate to the Indiegogo campaign — at the very least, you’re thanked in the program and will get a signed copy of the program!

Info here.

Worked on contest entries, worked with students. Read the next book from my editor and will do the review today. Pitched some jobs — have an interview later this morning for one position.

The interview I turned in last week will be highlighted in next week’s issue — I’m pleased that they’re pleased.

Lots to do today, including a round of revisions on the media kit and another revision on the play. Plus digging in to both Balthazaar and research for the ferry girl novel.


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