Wed. March 12, 2014: Back To Work

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Yesterday was a pretty good birthday. Quiet, but fun.

I walked to the library in the morning, because it was such a beautiful day. Just under two miles, not bad at all. Worked flat out for a few hours online (had prepped everything earlier), then walked back home and gave myself the rest of the day off. More script packets out.

Spent a lovely afternoon on the deck for a bit (Tessa was thrilled), and in my sunny room, doing yoga, meditating, and reading THE ANNOTATED EMERSON.

Nice celebratory dinner, complete with champagne, good wishes from friends, and a quiet evening. Pretty terrific.

Go see what’s new over on the garden journal.

Today, I’m off to the library in the morning, then a lunch meeting, then back to the library. We’re supposed to have a bad storm today, so I might not get online at all tomorrow; or, if I do, it will be late in the day.

Got the next batch of books to review from my editor — they look really good! And I agreed to help out on Saturday morning for Tomorrow’s Writers Today at the middle school. So, it’s all good.


PS Working at the library — why is it so frigging NOISY?!!! It’s a LIBRARY, PEOPLE — HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THOSE OF US WHO ARE WORKING!!!!

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