Thurs. Feb. 6, 2014: And Mercury Retrograde Hits!

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde

Yup. it’s snowing again. Getting a little tired of it, and I LIKE winter.

Got some decent work done yesterday, in the morning. Made some notes on a couple of projects, played with ways to punch up the play.

Of course, shoveled.

Lost the second half of my workday at the doctor’s office. I took my mom in for her check-up. We’d confirmed the appointment in the morning, but we get there, and she’s not on the schedule. They said they’d “fit her in” around 3-ish, two hours after her appointment, then didn’t tell the doctor, and it was nearly 4 by the time she was in and out for a FIVE MINUTE APPOINTMENT. Three other people showed up during that time who weren’t on the schedule, either. Instead of trying to solve problems caused by THEIR screw-ups, they don’t give a shit. Unacceptable. It’s not like we could go home and come back in the bad weather, either. So we had to sit and wait while they carried on personal conversations that are inappropriate to have in patients’ hearing instead of working.

Before anyone goes on about “a mile in their shoes” — I’ve worked as a receptionist for a BUSY doctor’s office. I know all about the challenges of dealing with patients who think every hangnail is a major emergency, how one often has to juggle appointments, how one has to monitor doctors’ time to keep them on schedule with patients and with the other work they have to do — reviewing charts, doing notes, making calls, writing prescriptions, etc. I’ve done it. It’s not difficult work (although sometimes exasperating), and it requires a level of attention to detail that this staff lacks.

In the four years we’ve lived here, not ONCE has an appointment run on time — even in an empty office without emergencies calling staff away. Three hours’ wait time is the norm. This is not acceptable. Just because a patient is elderly doesn’t mean you can let them sit there for hours. And when YOU make a mistake — FIX it. Don’t just shrug and ignore it. Mistakes happen. Own it and make it right.

When my mother complained to the doctor, the doctor said if she’d known my mom was sitting out there, she would have taken her earlier. Don’t play “good cop, bad cop” either, missy. Yes, the staff should have let her know there was a screw up and had a solution to fix it that INCLUDED the doctor. But the doctor walked past at least a half a dozen times during those hours. You don’t recognize a patient unless that person is inside the examining room? You expect me to believe that? You, who have a MEDICAL degree?

My mom feels comfortable with the doctor herself and doesn’t want to start over with someone else, or I would have ditched this place a long time ago. But she’s left to sit around for hours at every appointment, and I lose a half day of work every time I have to take her to an appointment. I read TWO BOOKS while we were waiting — a book of essays and a book of poetry. If the books that arrived for review had arrived BEFORE we left, I could have knocked out one of those and been paid for my time.

I’m going to start invoicing them for wasted time. Maybe then they will start to pay attention.

But my mom negotiated not having to go back until next January, and she’s happy about that! She still has to go for regular blood work at the facility in Mashpee, but they whisk her in and out in about ten minutes and have the results back within three days.


Came back and tried to pick up some threads of the day, which was difficult. However, while I was in the office (fuming and advocating), a scene for a piece came to me, along with the setting. When I came home, I sketched out the basic configuration of the main location and made some notes. Later, I wrote about 1700 words of the opening.

I have a couple of articles to work on, have to get back to the play, work with students, get some pages done on a handful of projects, and buckle down for Mercury Retrograde. Not looking forward to this one — the anxiety dreams have already started.

The day’s barely begun and I’m exhausted.


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  1. I feel you pain about the doctor appointments. I’ve learned to make my appointment the first one of the day because I just can’t sit around waiting. However, I can’t do that if I need to get in there on short notice. I also do this because I need handicapped parking and they only have three spaces.

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