Mon. Jan. 27, 2014: Cocktail Parties and Oil Changes — Contrasts!

Monday, January 27, 2014
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Busy weekend. Got some good work done on TRUE HOME and on SEAL TIDES. Got some research done, and read John Lithgow’s memoir — interesting, because we’ve worked with a lot of the same people, although we’ve never worked with each other.

Friday night, I was disappointed to learn I did not get a job I’d hoped to land, especially since what they claim they wanted is absolutely in my wheelhouse, and I’ve done similar projects on a much larger and more public scale. I was also disappointed that, after having me in for more than a half a day to jump through interview hoops, they send a form letter email from someone with whom I had no dealings. That seems a little declasse to me. A friend, familiar with the organization, thinks I dodged a bullet, and I just have to trust it all happened for a reason.

On Sunday, I went to a cocktail party one of the Board members threw to introduced the Marine Life Center to her neighbors. Cocktails, appetizers, conversation, quick presentations. It was a lovely evening, and I was happy to participate.

Home, out of the dressy clothes, into PJs and made a stir-fry!

This morning, I was out the door early to get an oil change in the car. It needed it, and now runs like a dream. I’m working at Sturgis Library this morning, hoping I get enough done so I don’t have to head out again at the end of the day.

This will be a BUSY week, but in a good way!


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  1. Sorry you didn’t get the job, but hopefully something better is coming your way! And thanks for the reminder to take the car in for an oil change, LOL!

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