Thurs. Jan. 16, 2014: The Exciting New Client Parade

Thursday, January 16, 2014
Full Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Still dark out

Yesterday didn’t feel very productive, although I worked all day, through a migraine. I pitched some jobs, worked with students, wrote, polished and submitted two articles, ran errands.

The very late payer finally paid — so that’s done, thank goodness. And those two articles to the other client wind up our contract, so as soon as I’m paid for them next month, we’re done. That will lift a lot of stress from my life.

Someone else wanted to book an editing slot, then quailed at the thought of actually having to submit the work on a designated date and put down a deposit, so, buh-bye. However, another client signed for a bigger project, and the deposit is in place, and I start on the project as part of today’s slate.

Another potential client wants a quick-turnaround project and had me look at the project to give a quote. I did, and if management signs off on it and puts down the deposit, that’s something else to add into today’s queue.

A third potential new client was very excited about my samples, and we’re going back into negotiation later today, for a standing 1-4 article/month contract at a decent pay rate.

After a wave of unreliable, slow-paying, no-paying, disappearing clients, this is a huge relief. Cleaning house of the lowest, slowest-paying tier of client is making room for much more.

I have to leave the house by 7 AM this morning for an NMLC Board meeting in Buzzards Bay, and then come back to see what other client communications came in and get started on today’s project slate.

Before I leave for the meeting, I need to get in my first 1K of fiction for the day, so I better get going!


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  1. Sounds like despite the migraine, yesterday was a productive day for you! I’m running a writing marathon today. Ugh. But there’s plenty of work, so that’s a good thing.

    • Yes, after months of unreliable clients, these are a delight. I’m happy to have the extra work, especially since the clients are a pleasure to work with.

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