Tues. Dec. 31, 2013: Happy New Year’s Eve!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Dark Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Snowy and cold

Last day of 2013. It’s been challenging, to say the least, and I’m eager for 2014. But there were also a lot of blessings, as far as being surrounded by wonderful people, getting to do some good work, and learning new things.

I worked flat out yesterday, especially on admin and with students. Today, I’ve changed the beds, done laundry, will run the dishwasher, vaccuum, mop the floors, dust, and smudge the house. I plan to do a mini yoga/meditation retreat for most of today and tomorrow. There will be some posts up at various blogs of mine to celebrate the New Year tomorrow, and I will be back with you on Thursday.

Harvested the last of the peppers this morning — pretty good haul!

Have a safe Eve and a wonderful start to 2014! I cherish each and every one of you.


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  1. Happy New Year, Devon. I wish you the best for 2014. And thank you for all your help with setting up my writing plan for 2014. I worked on it all day yesterday and will revise, edit, and finalize today.

  2. Happy New Year, Devon! Sunday I did my 2013 Assessment and 2014 GDRs–they’ve become a valuable planning tool, thank you! d:)

  3. Happy New Year, Devon.

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