Wed. December 11, 2013: Quiet Worktime

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Got some writing done yesterday, worked with students. Worked at Wheldon Library in the morning, but then the snow started, so I didn’t go back out in the afternoon. Instead, had the radio on we did some more decorating for the holidays, I wrote some more, and did some research.

I’m trying to prioritize projects, which is always a challenge, balancing what I want to write with the deadlines coming up, and then, constantly, pitching for more work.

I’m getting some good work done on the novella and on the Sparkle & Tarnish steampunk series. Still trying to choreograph the climactic sequence of the screenplay, and still haven’t gotten it right. Just keep moving the pieces around until it works, I guess.

Watched the GET SMART remake at night, the Steve Carrell version, which was better than I expected.

I’m keeping track of what this is costing me, in time, lost work, gas, mileage, etc., so that Comcast can be appropriately billed.

I’ve got a private student finishing up at the end of December, and another one finishing at the end of January. I’m trying to decide what and if I will teach next year. The good students are a thrill; the ones who aren’t dedicated are a drain. And it’s hard to tell what type someone will be until you start working closely with them. Also, so many organizations who offer online classes do so at such a low cost and with zero standards that they’re training wanna-bes that there’s no reason to have a commitment. You can’t build any kind of career without commitment.

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