Tues. Dec. 3, 2013: Fun Trees and Lack of Sleep

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde

Lovely little flakes.

Very tired and frustrated. I’m at the end of my rope about a couple of things, and don’t see an end in sight. I just don’t know what to do.

Got work done in the morning, something stupid came up at the last minute, and then I headed off to the JFK museum in Hyannis to help out setting up the NMLC tree for Spectacle of the Trees. I’d never been to the museum before, so that was interesting. A group of non-profits set up trees and sell raffle tickets. The winner gets all the prizes under the tree and the decorated tree!

Ours was an exercise in logistics because one of the prizes is a boat. We had to get it off the trailer, into the narrow doors of the museum, and into our designated spot. A woman walking past on the street stopped to help. We wrestled it into the museum, but it didn’t fit in our designated space. After some negotiation, we swapped spaces with another organization, and were able to prop the boat upright, put our tree IN the boat, and tie it to the ceiling. It looks great. All the trees look good. What a fun event!

If you want to buy a raffle ticket, you can go here.

I was exhausted and sore by the time I got home, and then had to deal with more crap (nothing to do with the above adventures), which looks like it’s only going to escalate over the next few days.

Had to cut off negotiations for a potential gig because the client won’t be upfront about money. There’s no point in “getting to know each other” if you’re not going to be upfront about the money. That means you don’t plan to pay a fair rate. Professionals say, “This is the budget, this is the rate” and work from there. Having “getting to know you” conversations means you plan to offer different people different rates, if you are actually planning to pay at all.

Or those who say, “I don’t pay a deposit.” Well, honey, I don’t work without one. I’m not going to put in the time and effort into the job and then you vanish into the ether with it. Professionals pay deposits. Scam artists expect the work done with nothing upfront and then run off with it.

Or those who say, “I don’t want to pay for the edit.” Then it’s not “hiring” an editor. Then it’s getting someone to do a free read for you. You don’t contact a professional editor with whom you have no previous relationship and demand that individual work for free. It’s inappropriate on many levels.

It’s amazing how many fraudulent “clients” are out there.

What it does, though, is make you appreciate your good ones! I will certainly be sending warm and fuzzy holiday greetings to the clients of which I’m fond!!!

Couldn’t sleep, was up by five. Sent out some pitches, wrote and submitted an article that’s due this week.

I’ll be working offsite at the Writers Center for most of the day, which will be both fun and productive.

Hopefully, I can get things back on track over the next few days.

If you haven’t signed up for Organize Your Writing Life, please do so here. We’ve got a great group, and it will be tons of fun.


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