Fri. Oct 11, 2013: Need This Holiday Weekend

Friday, October 11, 2013
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cold

Busy day yesterday. Wrote a little over 3K on the novella. It was a section set at Santa Anita Racetrack, which I don’t know as well as the NY, KY, and New Orleans tracks, so it went slowly. But there’s some good stuff in there, and my characters are surprising me.

Worked with students, got out some pitches. I’m exasperated with a lot of the projects coming out of LA. They aren’t real, and the so-called “clients” just want to talk to hear the sound of their own voices, to convince themselves that they’re doing something. They’re wasting everyone’s time.

Worked on some grant applications, worked with a new-to-me editor.

Submitted a story this morning.

Lots to do, and a holiday weekend coming up. I’d like to at least have a little time off.


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  1. You know what they say about clients who won’t listen?

    Cash the checks. 🙂

    When they start down that path, I tell them once my objections, then I bill them and forget them.

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