Wed. Oct. 9, 2013: Instincts Don’t Let Me Down

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cold

Yes, it’s fall and the weather’s getting colder.

NMLC did not win the van in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good on Monday, although the vote was very close. Thanks to everyone for voting.

Yesterday, I got some writing done on the novella, then had to handle an important meeting. The details are confidential, but the other party told me the meeting was cancelled; since I hadn’t heard from the main party, I didn’t believe it, showed up — and avoided a big mess. Of course, the other party lied to me in order to look good and eliminate the competition. I knew in my gut I was being set up, and I fought back.

The person who scheduled the meeting was NOT amused, especially when I showed the letter telling me the meeting was cancelled.

Chalk one up for my side.

Got things sorted out, accepted a script coverage client, and worked on the script. I forgot how much I love the work, especially when the script is good, as it was in this case.

Sent out some pitches. Worked with students. Got a little over 3K total done on the novella. In the ideal world, I could get it done this weekend, polished, and out. Doesn’t give me the rest I want before editing, but this is something that sort of popped up unexpectedly, and I’d like to see it through and get it out the door.

Saw the pilot for THE WITCHES OF EAST END last night. Hated it. Thought it was awful. I don’t like the way it’s written, cast, developed, and really? Using the house from CHARMED? Or one that looks almost identical? I found the whole thing offensive.



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