Mon. Oct. 7, 2013: The Left Coast Irritation Factor

Monday, October 7, 2013
Waxing Moon
Rainy and cold

Most important info of the day: Vote for the NMLC, a finalist in Toyota’s 100 Cars for good between 10 AM and 11:59 PM. Please vote for us on Facebook here.

Busy weekend. Got some work done Friday morning, including a couple of pitches. Then, my friend and I went to Cape Cod Beer for a tour (tons of fun) and up to Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary for a walk.

Back for a phone conversation on a project. I had emphasized “short” conversation — which to me is 10 minutes or less, and it still took me nearly an hour to get off the phone. Now the contract negotiations are pushed back to January. Went from “the money IS in place” to “the money WILL BE in place by the end of the year.” When this is a real project, go talk to my agent. Don’t waste any more of my time, or I start charging for phone calls, like I do with the rest of my freelance clients.

Another potential client got all upset because I didn’t instantly respond to emails sent at 10:30 PM west coast time — it’s 1:30 in the morning for me, on a weekend, and I WON’T respond, even if I was still online at the time, nor would I if we were on contract. Boundaries. Again, wants to waste my time on the phone. I don’t do business on the phone, and if you want phone time, you’re going to cough up cash first. And then be billed for phone calls in 15-minute increments. Like a lawyer. Also, before we set up a phone meeting, I want you to answer my questions about contract and payment. I don’t work on spec and I don’t work for free. If the financials don’t work out, there’s no point in having the phone conversation. I’m not 22 years old, trying to break into Left Coast Show business. I HAVE a career. Negotiations, contract, initial payment, and THEN we talk about the details of the actual project.

I don’t work in pipe dreams. I work on contract.

Another potential client is interested in further negotiations this weekend — it would be a long-term steady gig doing something I enjoy, so we’ll see if the financials work out.

The nightmare interview subject finally got information to me at 4:18 on Friday afternoon , after trying to wiggle out of the deadline and I refused to let NIS off the hook(my deadline was 5 PM). I got an extension from my ever-loving editor, and it went out yesterday, along with another review and everything invoiced.

Found out that the steampunk short story I thought was due October 15 is actually due on JANUARY 15 — phew! Now I can make it sparkle. Had a great exchange with the editor.

Did some research for a couple of projects that are very different from each other, but seem to be set in the same created world. Not sure how that’s going to work yet, and I’m sure there will be some cross-pollination at some point, but it’s still in such an early stage, I’m not sure how. The research is an awful lot of fun, though!

Good first writing session — just over 1K. I’m going to try to keep the momentum on this going for a few more hours.

Have to work on an article today, and hope some of those pitches go through.



  1. Devon, I voted at 4 PM and my vote was accepted. Just wanted to let you know as I was late getting online today.

  2. I am always in awe of how much you get done when obstacles are in your path. Blessings!

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