Fri. Oct. 4, 2013: Annoying Start to the Day

Friday, October 4, 2013
New Moon
Sunny and cooler

Yesterday was a gorgeous, fun day. I worked in the morning, got stuff out, did pitches, got a review out, ran some errands.

Then, my friend and I got into the car and drove to Provincetown. It was a lovely day to drive. We went up to the Province Lands at Race Point — in spite of the facility being closed due to the government shutdown, we were able to go up on the exterior observatory deck and see the gorgeous views. We went down to Race Point beach proper (one of my favorite beaches on the East Coast), and then into P-town for a walk and a lunch. We didn’t stop at the National Seashore on the way back — National, shut down — but it was still a lovely drive, and then it was off to Chatham’s Lighthouse beach to watch seals play in the water and see real beach plums.

Home, I cooked dinner, and we watched BOURNE LEGACY in the evening. It’s become one of my favorite movies; never get tired of it. I’ve learned a lot about pace, structure, detailed acting work, sound editing, and camera placement from it.

This morning is already annoying; I’m dealing with a nightmare of an interview subject for an article, who is causing me to push back a deadline — and I may have to give up part of my weekend because of this individual. I will complete the assignment and tell my editor I never want to deal with this person again. Not just that I never want to — that I won’t.

On top of that, I pitched to a place that asked me what my article rate was. They said they wanted to use me — but they’re not paying, which is a direct contrast to their ad. I wouldn’t have pitched if they’d been honest in the ad.


Deep breath, and back to work.

Have a great weekend.


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