Wed. Oct. 2: Meetings and Friends

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Day before dark moon
Sunny and pleasant

I worked hard yesterday, but feel like I didn’t get a lot done. I was waiting to hear back on some contract questions. While not all the factions that needed to weigh in got back to me (which is ridiculous, especially since some of them had 48 hours in which to do so), the WGA stepped out and went above and beyond. I’ve always admired them, and it’s even better to know that they have my back, no matter what.

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels, and I hate that. I like to get things done, get definites in place, and then move forward on them.

I got one of the grants polished and hand-delivered it. The organization was pleased with it, so fingers crossed their awards committee will like it, too.

Mowed the terraced back, did some cleaning up in the yard. Time to put the yard to bed for winter.

Today, I’ve got a meeting in Providence about which I’m very excited, and then I pick up a friend at Megabus, who is visiting from the UK. We used to do the conference circuit together.

Can’t wait!


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  1. New moon on Saturday — great time to get things accomplished. Perfect time to start new things!

    I hear you on the waiting for word back. I’ve been chasing the same dude for a week now. He’s about to lose his chance to comment. I’m done.

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