Tues. Oct. 1: Don’t Pay ‘Em, Since They’re Not Doing Their Jobs

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
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So the right-wing crazies got what they wanted, and shut the government down. It doesn’t prove their point — it just proves that they’re bought and paid for by special interests. The American people voted the candidate into office who gave us the Affordable Health Care Act, and now this special-interest fringe crazy group is holding the entire country hostage.

The thing is, no one’s premiums had to go up AT ALL, the way it was originally worded. It was the Republicans’ 168 amendments who created all the problems in the Act that they now claim as grounds for wanting to defund it.

The fact that these asshats are getting paid during the shut down is what really infuriates me. They should be locked into chambers, without pay, until they DO THEIR EFFING JOBS. They need to be held to same work standards as anyone else who works for a living is. If you don’t do the work, you don’t get paid.

Meanwhile, the special interests are handing ‘round brandy and cigars, having gotten what they want. Chaos, and another step towards turning this into a medieval feudal society with them as nobles and the rest of as serfs.

My solution is far too radical and would get me in trouble with the people monitoring all our communications, but I’m sure there are cooler heads with decent solutions.

On the writing side, I worked on the short story yesterday, worked with students, on pitches, and on some other stuff. I’ll know by the early next week if Confidential Job #2 wants to go to long-term contract. Fingers crossed. I had fun with the short piece I did for them.

Another potential long-term job wants yet another meeting. I am willing to have ONE more meeting, and then, we either go to contract, or that’s it. I’m not doing weeks or months of development work without a contract and without being paid. I’m ready to throw down the gauntlet with this. I really want to do it, but there are too many warning bells going off, and I don’t want to go any further without money and contract in place. The individual’s insistence that I approach through an agent, and now the reluctance to deal with the agent disturbs me.

I re-read the project I’d put aside a few months ago. I like it a lot, but I’m not sure how to get it back in the roster.

I need to finish off the grant proposal today and drop it off up the street, and get some material written up for Confidential Job #1, and work on an article due next week.

Working on the short story this morning, first thing. Then we’ll see how everything else shakes out.


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