Thurs. Sept. 19, 2013: Two Board Meetings, One Day

Thursday, September 19, 2013
Full Moon
Sunny and cold

So cold I made a meatloaf yesterday to warm up the house! 😉

I was up before 5 AM yesterday, at my desk by 5:30, and wrote over 1K before I had to leave for my morning meeting. My meeting was at 8 AM , in Buzzard’s Bay, at the Marine Life Center. I am joining their Board of Directors. I’m there all the time anyway, giving opinions, so it might as well be official!

Also, got to meet Francis, the new seal (he’s so funny) and pick up some stuff I needed for rehearsal, and get some info I need for the grant proposal. Stopped at Sandwich Library on the way back to drop off some books, and Sturgis, to drop off and pick up.

Home, got some writing done, and some other stuff, made the meatloaf, had an early dinner, and then headed to my next board meeting for the Writers Center. I kind of like having the board meetings all in one day — didn’t have to keep changing head spaces.

Pitched for a couple of jobs, did some other work, landed another interview assignment. So that’s all good. Now, some of the checks need to come in!

Also polishing my radio scripts for a project my agent is going to submit me to.

Out of ink — keep hoping I can dust off one of the older printers for which I still have ink tanks and get them to crank for the next few weeks.


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  1. Just wants to wish you a good weekend!

    • Meant wanted. Sorry.

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