Fri. Aug. 23, 2013: I Have a Clean House!

Friday, August 23, 2013
Waning Moon
Cloudy and humid

Yesterday wound up being a sad day. We learned that Malleus, the Mike of the “Mike & Ike” pair of seal pups, did not make it through the night after his surgery. The surgery was a risk, but his only chance of rehabilitation/release, so it was done. Poor, sweet little thing! Of the pair, he was always the anxious, needy, worried one, while Ike was bolder and more confident. Ike was released last Sunday, and is playing in the ocean — may Mike’s spirit find him so they can play together in the waves.

Losing an animal is tough on everyone connected with the organization, but especially on those who are involved in the daily care.

It also points out how individual each of these magnificent creatures are, and how important every individual one of them is. There’s a reason they’re protected under the Marine Mammals Act, and that’s the way it needs to stay.

Back on the home front, I turned up the music and scrubbed the house done, in anticipation of company. Scrubbed the bathrooms, kitchen, washed the floors, dusted, vacuumed, tidied up. Even though I clean regularly, it’s amazing how dirty everything gets again.

Put some more books in the “get rid of” box. I was furious when I picked up a mystery that pretended to take place backstage on a Broadway show, but had the costume designer doing the dresser’s job. In the slot, not just an extra pair of hands in an emergency. I put the book down on p. 12. Wrong union, dumbass! The designer and the dresser have different and carefully delineated jobs. As a professional in the field, I’m insulted that the so-called author COULDN’T BE BOTHERED to do the research to find out what people’s jobs actually are. As a writer, when I set something against a backdrop of a profession I don’t know, I have enough respect for those who work in the profession to do my research. Not only did the book go into the box, I found a few more by this author, and they ALL went into the box. The author broke my trust in a way that can’t be repaired. If I can’t trust the author on this, I can’t suspend my disbelief on anything else, either. I skimmed to the back of the book and the climax was STUPID — beyond ridiculous — and the book ended at the climax. No resolution, no breath at the end, just left things dangling.


Got the next assignment from Confidential Job #1. Looking forward to it.

Negotiations for a job didn’t work out. We really like each other, but I can’t afford to work for them at that low a rate. They’re trying to find a way to increase their budget to at least meet the lowest end of what I can work for, but for the moment, they’re going with someone cheaper.

Still sorting stuff out on the fantasy trilogy. I need to get back to drafting on that next week. I want to get the entire trilogy out the door before the end of the year, and I have to get back to work on Book 2 of the mystery series.

Today will be busy, but, hopefully, good.

And . . .company’s coming!

Have a great weekend!



  1. We may have a situation like the seal pup who passed. Our newest addition has a cleft palate and will need surgery, but it is very dangerous. We have to wait a bit as it will be expensive, but the outcome is up in the air and scares me. I was wondering if you know of any homeopathic treatment for a kitten’s ear infection? She has meds, but the ear is still red and raw and the vet says keep up with the antibiotic. In the meantime she’s miserable and its heartbreaking. Sorry to blather, just really worried. I wish you all the best for a lovely weekend!

    • Is the antibiotic internal or a cream, or both? You can soothe the rawness in the outer portion of the ear by steeping some chamomile and taking a washcloth or some cheesecloth dipped in it and hold it on the ear. You don’t want stuff dripping into the ear canal itself, but a chamomile compress will give some relief, if the redness is far enough out of the ear canal.
      Poor little thing. It’s so hard when they’re ill, isn’t it? Best wishes for her surgery.

  2. Chris and I pitched a fit at the vet over the phone and they gave us antibiotic for her ears that actually goes in her ears. She’s still on an internal antibiotic for her is us infection and its not working as well as we’d like. Before the vet helped, I found a recipe for a green tea flush to help and though it was only used once it seemed to help her. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

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