Thurs. Aug. 22, 2013: Deep in the Book

Thursday, August 22, 2013
Waning Moon
Cloudy and humid

Got some work done yesterday morning, caught up with students, etc.

The afternoon was even better — I worked on the fantasy trilogy. I needed to introduced some characters, needed for where I am now, earlier or it wouldn’t make sense. I went back and did some of that, then updated the Series Bible, then figured out where I need a couple more inserts. By the end of today, that should bring me where I need to be to move forward.

The first book is where it needs to be to go into the next draft. It can simmer while I finish the next two. I need all three submission-ready before I start the process. I’ve got a good idea where I’m going to send it, and plan to have a solid proposal package put together. At the risk of sounding egotistical, I did some pretty awesome world building in this one!

I do, however, have to cut most of the first three chapters, because the story really starts at the end of Chapter Three, and that needs to be the end of Chapter One.

I need about 5-6 more chapters in this draft of Book II, and then I can write Book III as outlined. I feel really good about it.

Finally heard back from the place that’s been jerking my chain and not communicating on the script proposal. They turned me down because there was humor in the piece and they only do “serious” work. I’d set out in the proposal my position that you create more memorable and stronger emotional truth using humor, so it’s ha-ha-OW!, but it seems they’re only interested in the dour. Those shortlisted all write bleak, hopeless pieces. If they wanted bleak and hopeless, they should have specified it in the guidelines! 😉 What that does, though, is take a huge burden off me for the next two weeks of my schedule, so it is a blessing. My ego’s a bit bruised, but it’s all for the best on both scheduling and creative levels.

Today is mostly cleaning the house, in preparation for guests. And sneaking in work on the book. There’s some correspondence that needs to get out, but cleaning and writing are the two big priorities.



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  1. Sounds like snobbery re the turn down. I hope your writing went well.

    • Yeah, I know the work of some of the shortlisted people — it’s good, it’s simply bleak. If they wanted “bleak” they needed to be clear in the guidelines, not say they wanted something “innovative”. “Bleak” and “innovative” are very different.

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