Wed. Aug. 21, 2013: Getting Back to Work

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Waning Moon
Sunny and a little humid

I hit the ground running so hard yesterday that I didn’t realize I hadn’t blogged!

Monday was not a very productive day. I still had a post-Ball hangover, and not an alcohol-related one (I only had a single drink the entire evening). I was simply exhausted. I unloaded the car, started putting things away, started tidying up for the guests, tried to do some wrap-up. I have to accept the fact that I simply cannot bounce back as quickly as I’d like anymore. I’m not 20 — I need more recovery time from big events.

I read a lot, which was good. Well, some of the books were good, some — not so much, as it happens.

Yesterday, I was up early. I worked on the deck — I’m cleaning up and rearranging. I’m cutting back the plants that are done for the season, prepping for some fall planting, and so forth. I’ve split the area into thirds, doing a third each for the next few days. Yesterday’s third included cleaning the lanterns hanging from the wall.

Then, I polished and sent off my articles for one publication — one on labyrinths, and one on retreats. I got some quotes back from a source and put together another interview, got that off to that editor, who was very pleased. Pitched for several jobs. Heard back from a couple of them. One of them, I’d really like to do, but I’m not sure we can work out the numbers. Another just flat-out can’t afford me. The third says there’s a family emergency and can’t get back to me until next week, but liked my samples, so we’ll see. All of these would be a ton of fun, so we’ll see what happens.

Spent quite a bit of time outside, Tessa with me. That’s the great thing about what I do — I can set up outside and work, and be just as or more productive than I would be in an office. Worked with students a bit.

I’ve rejected a stack of students for the autumn slots. Refusal to follow directions, misplaced sense of entitlement, don’t want to actually put in the work, and zero knowledge of basic, third-grade level grammar/spelling/punctuation. How did these people ever graduate high school, much less go to college? Talk about a failed educational system. Not to mention they argue when they’re rejected, and expect the parameters of the program to change to suit them. NO. My house, my rules. You don’t follow them, you don’t fit in. You get in by following the guidelines, showing a strong work ethic, and that’s how your spark of creativity shines. Believe me, I understand problems with authority. But this is not a service organization. It is an apprenticeship program. It’s about finding the right teacher. If you want to chase butterflies across the field and THINK about writing rather than ACTUALLY writing, go ahead; but I am not the right teacher for you and you are not the right student for me. Find someone who is about the thinking rather than the writing, and work with that person. Arguing isn’t going to get me to change my mind. Submitting something brilliant in clean copy in the correct format will. So shut up and deal.

Every minute I spend on student work is a minute not spent on my own. It has to be worth it, and that goes beyond any kind of fee.

Looking back at the Twelve Days of Christmas stories, wondering how I’m going to fold them back into the queue so they are ready to go this winter. They will be tons of fun — they’re a little wacky — it’s just a case of making sure they are truly ready to be downloaded each day. Each would only be available for one day. The following year, I might collect them and release them as an e-book.

Did some figuring out on the fantasy novel — there are several characters I need to go back and introduce earlier. I realized I needed them later for pivotal scenes, but they already have to be established. So I’ll look at that today. The “who” and the “where”.

Got my certificates from both the archaeology and climate literacy classes. I was surprised — I was sure I didn’t meet the requirements in the latter. But I’m pleased. Have to update the resume with those.

Lovely full moon last night, and lovely full moon ceremony.

Laundry’s going downstairs, and have to do some grocery shopping later, and more tidying up. Have some admin to do, too. Busy day — lots of clearing out and catching up.


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  1. I hate when I find a good client who can’t afford me. Makes me a little sad, but it’s rare I regret not taking the gig. And August has arrived — clients have completely disappeared, even the ones with the big projects that were promised two weeks ago! Time for a beach break. 🙂

  2. I’ve never understood signing up for a class and then expecting to coast through it. How do you learn anything that way? Blessings.

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