Mon. Aug. 19, 2013: Recovery and Moving Ahead

Monday, August 19, 2013
Waxing Moon near full
Sunny and pleasant

Busy few days. Friday, my friend left, and I finished up my costume. Of course, that was the day my sewing machine decided to act up. Go figure. Ended up doing more hand sewing than I planned, but it all worked out in the end. Packed up the costume, packed up the car. It all worked out.

Left the house at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday. Went by the NMLC first to load up the car and help everyone else load, before heading over to the Bay Pointe Club in Onset. We unloaded and got to work.

The space was really lovely for the Ball — light, airy, high-ceilinged, and we could expand out onto the terrace. The staff was lovely and easy to work with.

We worked until three, dispersed to get ready. It took me 40 minutes to drive to a friend’s house that was only about 6 miles away, due to the traffic going on-Cape. Absolutely ridiculous. Especially since, if the bulk of the drivers used common sense instead of being complete and utter morons, the traffic might slow down, but there wouldn’t be the kinds of problems there always are.

Got into costume (with help). Then it was time to drive back. Fortunately, my friend knew back roads. It was also quite the challenge to drive while wearing a corset.

The Ball itself was lovely. We were sold out, the weather was terrific. The Buzzards Bay Buccaneers were there, and they brought their pirate ship (parked out back) so people could be photographed with them. The games went well (I’m not a game person, but people enjoyed them), the dinner was nice, the band was great, and the live and silent auctions went well.

Check out was a little frantic, as usual. When people want us to pack fragile items, they need to stay put until we return, not wander off and expect us to hunt them down. It’s way too busy for that.

Load out was okay, although we were all pretty wiped out by then. I also have to accept that I simply do not have the stamina I had when I was thirty, or even forty.

I took all the decorations/swag from the chair backs, stuffed them into bags, and took them home. I will take them apart and wrap them/fold them properly so they are all set for next year. Otherwise, we’d have been there until 4 AM.

Even though I wore flat boots, by the end of the night, my feet were killing me. Next year, I’m changing into bunny slippers for the load out!

Driving home, again in the corset, was an interesting challenge. Yet, at the same time, I was so tired that it was a relief to have that boning in place to support me.

I left a trail of costume pieces as I went back into the house, surprising the cats. Iris and Violet were asleep on the sofa together (I think they thought I wasn’t coming home unitl morning). Tessa scampered downstairs as soon as she heard me and “helped”.

I poured a shot of single malt, tried (and failed) to find something worth watching on TV, and relaxed for a bit before heading for bed. Had quite the challenge scrubbing off all the make-up. Finally got to bed around 2.

The cats got me up at 6:30. Fed them, tried to go back to sleep, couldn’t, showered, puttered, fell asleep on the couch around 9 AM, woke up just before 1. Had something to eat, did some work on the computer, spent the rest of the day on the couch, alternating between dozing and reading. I was very excited about the book when I started, but the further into it I got, the more it fell apart. Oh, well.

Managed to stay awake to watch NEWSROOM last night (my favorite show); slept in this morning. I have to pull it together and do a productive days’ work.

I’ve got some articles to write, some follow-up to do, and the fantasy novel on which to work. Plus, get some work done on the play.

I’m still waiting for the short list to be announced for the other play — we were supposed to hear on July 30, then it was pushed back to August 15 and still nothing. The deadline was May 30. If I didn’t make the cut, that’s fine, but to promise a decision and then just not come through makes me wonder if this company can be trusted to actually do the reading/production as promised. If I can read 35 BOOKS in a six week contest period as a judge, this committee can read 12-page proposals in double that time. I may withdraw from consideration. I feel like we’re being jerked around. If something happened to delay it, communicate. Don’t just leave us hanging.

A colleague at a publication forwarded me an article yesterday about a local group that wants to take action that is not only illegal, but brutal and infuriating. I have come up with absolutely gory and poetically, mythically just (in the sense of Ancient Greek justice) ways to dispatch them in the third Sustainability Mystery. I am sure that when the karma dogs come to visit these individuals, the results will be even more unique than anything I could come up with.

Back to work.



  1. Sounds like the ball was a blast. 🙂

  2. Sounds like the ball was a success! T.V. In the wee hours leaves a lot to be desired. Blessings for a good week.

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