Fri. Aug. 16, 2013: Mermaid Ball Prep and Playtime

Friday, August 16, 2013
Waxing Moon
Sunny and pleasant

Got some work cleared off my desk yesterday, after a late start, while my friend hung out and played with the cats. The afternoon was caught up with picking up Mermaid Ball donations down the east end of the Cape, which was fun, because my friend could see a part of the area he’s never visited before. We came back and he did some work on the motorcycle (the neighbors were oh, so interested), and then took a picnic to one of the beaches to watch the sunset.

I hadn’t been on a motorcycle in ages and forgot what fun it is.

So I didn’t get enough work done, but I had a good day.

Today is a quiet day for me. I’m finishing the costume for tomorrow, putting together the fabrics and pins and other stuff I have to bring, packing the car, etc., because tomorrow is the Ball! We’re sold out, which is spectacular, and it will be a fun event.

I figured out some more stuff for the fantasy novel, and have to get that into play over the next few days. I’m waiting to hear if I’ve been short-listed for a playwrighting contest — first I was supposed to know by July 30, then by yesterday, and, still, nothing, although my status comes up as “processing/under consideration.” I need to know what’s going on, because that status will decide the priorities for the next two weeks.

Reconnected with some old friends from Broadway days, and we’re catching up via email. So glad we’re back in touch!

Lots to do today, including finishing up some articles. Late start, and I’ve got to mow to terraced area (my friend is a sweetheart, but it would never occur to him to mow, because he doesn’t think like that — grass should grow, weeds have a purpose, all of which I agree, but the lawn still needs mowing. If I ASK him, he’d agree in a heartbeat, and get distracted a quarter of the way through).

To work.


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  1. Have a great time at the Mermaid Ball.

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