Wed. Aug. 7, 2013: Conference Flow

Wednesday, August 6, 2013
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cool

I had the first of my tomatoes yesterday!!! Very exciting. They are delicious. Nothing like eating from one’s own garden to brighten the day.

The day was pretty bright anyway — got some work done in the morning (basically it was scrambling to catch up on stuff non-conference-related) and got the recycling to the dump.

Headed over to the conference to work the desk. We had a good group and it was fun — got to catch up with some people, welcome some new faces, all that. There are always a few who are determined to be unpleasant out of a misguided sense of entitlement, but we’re lucky at this conference that they are few and far between. The majority of those there are wonderful.

This week is, however, giving me ideas for several articles which I will pitch to the writing magazines. Always a good thing.

I had a bit of a break in the afternoon and sat out by the pool doing some work on a new piece. I’ve written nearly 20 pages and it’s turning into something I didn’t expect — something that needs a very strong structure in order to work. Therefore, it’s time to sit down and answer all the layers of questions and secrets, because it’s not something I can discover in the drafting. I need to be able to aim for those points as I draft in order for the piece to work.

I got about eight pages of notes done, and jotted down ideas and possibilities. I can’t really write any more on the piece itself until I answer those questions, but at least I now know the questions.

I was the reader for “Conference Idol” with three agents (including mine). People put the first page of their piece into a box, I pulled one out and read it. Their hands went up when the piece hit the point where they would stop reading, had this been a traditional submission, and then they spoke about what worked and what didn’t. Everyone was a very good sport, and I was even asked to speak when someone submitted a screenplay and none of them felt comfortable commenting on a screenplay, but my agent knew I have extensive screenplay experience. So, that was fun. Everyone thought I read well, and I worked hard to make each piece sound as good as positive, as clear as possible, without going over the top.

Dashed home for a quick dinner and then back to hear Jaimy Gordon give another keynote. She has a very unique perspective and way of communicating it, and her love of working the backstretch at race tracks is something to which I can relate.

After, my agent, one of the other agents, and I all went to listen to the prose reading session. Always interesting to hear what the other people in the community are doing.

Came home, exhausted, but had to give the cats some quality time.

Up early, had to switch mattresses (don’t ask), catching up with email and other stuff that needs to be done. I have to pick up some stuff for the Mermaid Ball on my way in to the conference today, but I also have to prep some paperwork for something that came up tomorrow that can’t be moved.

I’ll have to catch up with my Modern/Post-Modern class on Saturday.

Off to it!


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  1. I wish we could have a garden. We are inundated by wildlife that just munches the daylights out of everything. Still, I wouldn’t trade a fox in the yard for a green pepper or two. 🙂 Everything has its give-and-take, I guess.

  2. Wow, the conference sounds awesome – and you did a great job! I definitely agree as well that eating out of your own garden is the best!

    • It’s a wonderful conference. Of all the conferences I’ve attended and I do on the circuit, this is one of my favorites. The way it’s set up and the friendly, supportive atmosphere makes it one of the best.

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