Monday, Aug. 5, 2013: Cape Cod Writers Conference Begins!

Monday, August 5, 2013
Dark Moon
Sunny and cool

Yup, it definitely feels like autumn!

I can’t even remember all the way back to Friday. Isn’t that ridiculous? It seems like ages ago. I know it wasn’t the easiest day on the planet for me for whatever reason, but damned if I can remember why. I do know that everything is hitting this week, when I specifically tried to keep this week as open as possible because of the conference.

Still waiting for the check from the place that’s a month late, but promised I’d be “paid within the week.”

I’m working on purging the basement. There are still too many unpacked boxes, and I just don’t need a lot of the crap. I’m trying to sort it out, rebox what I need (especially the files) and get rid of the rest. We got about 1/5th of the basement done this weekend, clearing the way for the new washer/dryer to be delivered in the near future. I plan to keep going. Even doing a couple of boxes a day will get things handled.

Almost had to step in to take over a class for the conference when someone got sick, but they got someone else. Phew!

Did two assignments for Confidential Job #1. Have to do the write ups and get them out in the next few days. They’re not due for awhile, but I’d rather get them out than sit on them.

The writing’s been going well, a nice, steady pace of about 1500 words/day on the fiction, and switching between other projects as needed. 1500 words/day is a nice, steady pace for me. About 6 pages. Comfortable.

Saturday morning, I headed over to Osterville to help them load up for the Conference. Six of us showed up, and we had the truck loaded in about 20 minutes, headed to the Conference Center, unloaded in even less time, and were done before noon. Efficient crew!

Sunday was about more basement purging, writing, and prepping for the conference. I had a bunch of stuff to take care of during the day, so I was late getting to the reception, but it was an awful lot of fun. My agent is there, and we had a great talk. Fingers crossed!

This morning, I have to take care of some stuff for the Mermaid Ball and do some other pesky admin-type stuff. I also have to mow and move a shrub. Then, I’m helping out at the desk at the conference, and tonight is the keynote speaker.

This will be a busy week, but, hopefully, a good one!


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  1. Wish we were done unpacking. Things are still arriving from his mother’s estate. We’re knee-deep in 19 boxes of books at the moment, and I’ve yet to do much more than try on the clothes that came a few weeks ago.

    Something about this weekend was just too busy, wasn’t it?

    • Yeah, it was that turning-of-the-season thing, but it feels early this year.

  2. I can relate with the cleaning out things. I’ve been doing that for over a year now. I wish someone had told me to do this when I was physically capable of doing it because it takes forever when you can’t get around. I make myself have at least one box or more when the charities that pick-up call me. Those deadlines help.

    Enjoy the conference. I miss them, but can no longer handle getting around or staying anywhere for more than an hour or two.

    Lovely here today. We shut off the A/C. It’s great to have fresh air.

    • It’s very physical, isn’t it? I had to pack and clean once when I was injured, and I set up a special table with sorting boxes, so I could sit and work.

      Deadlines always help, don’t they?

      • Deadlines are great. It must be the writer in me.

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