Wed. July 31, 2013: Working to Steady the Ship

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Lammas Eve

Decent workday yesterday. Got a steady stream of stuff done; as always, there’s more to do. I’m spending far too much time doing damage control from last week’s fall-out, but that’s that.

Got some work done in the garden, and on the deck. The season is turning. I wonder if that predicts a long, cold winter?

Spinning some stories, and trying to figure out how to re-prioritize the fiction. I should receive some information today that will help. The pieces are in that delicate stage, where I can’t really talk about them yet, without harming the process.

Errands to run today, more work, finalizing some contract offers, and then, IF I clear enough off my desk, I get to go out tonight!


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  1. Well let’s hope you get to go out! 🙂 Have a productive, nice day and a lovely, fun evening!

  2. Hoping you get to go out, too!

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