Tues. July 30, 2013: Don’t Be Afraid to Say, “No.”

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Decent work day yesterday. Staying on track with what has to be done for the week, and also trying to replace the clients and contracts I lost from last Friday’s incident.

Will have to dump another client because I found out the reason I haven’t been paid (and it’s now nearly a month late) is because the editor never put in the invoice, although she told me she did. Not worth it. I’ve been down this road with this editor before, and told her if she pulled this shit again this go round, that was it. Another potential client tried to low ball me. If you’re going to ask me what my rate is, don’t act surprised when I tell you, and then say it’s too much, and you want to pay me less. No. I am not working for less. My rate is my rate. If you had a rate in mind, it should have been in the listing in the first place, and if it was lower than my rate, I wouldn’t have pitched. Another place asked a rate for 1 piece, then said they wanted me to write 5 pieces, but would only pay the rate I quoted on the 1 piece for the combined 5. That answer was really easy: NO.

Starting my fall cleaning early, and starting it with the profession instead of the house, I guess! Important to do that every so often. Keeps one from getting professionally stagnant and falling into the rut of allowing clients to take advantage of you because you’re worried about work or lack of it.

Did some work in the yard, yesterday and this morning. It’s not even August yet, and you can feel the season turning.

Got a lot to do today, pieces to get out, and I need to re-organize the fiction projects and re-prioritize them. I’m winding up a six month session with a student today and tomorrow. I’ve got other students who need some time. I’m revving up again for the play, and waiting to hear back on another play proposal.

The crows are all a-dither the past few days. Something has really, really upset them. They even came up on the roof of the deck outside my bedroom window to tell me about it. I wish I understood — maybe then I could soothe them a bit.


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  1. Time to clean house! I agree. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve avoided low-payers lately. Good move getting rid of that editor. Ridiculous to lie to you like that and think you won’t remember. Fact is, she didn’t remember her own story. Had a client like that once. He lied several times and I found a great way to call him out on it — in front of the client who’d already paid him for my work. Don’t screw with me, dude. I won’t be complicit.

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