Fri. July 26, 2013: Busy in the Right Way

Friday, July 26, 2013
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Rainy and cold

The cats are already shedding their summer fur and growing in the winter fur. We had to use quilts last night in bed.

Finally got the information promised to me back in JUNE and was able to do the next round of revisions. It has to go to press today. And, of course, out of an entire committee, NOT ONE PERSON got back to me. As far as I’m concerned, it’s going to press without their approval, and to hell with them.

Waiting on final approval for a press release that has to go out today.

Have another one to draft.

Was interviewed as a follow-up to the town’s climate change workshop I did a few weeks ago. That was fun. Pitched for a job to an environmental organization, and the person hiring wants to do an interview later today, so that’s a good thing.

I worked with students. I have a press release to polish for the play, and finally got another document that was supposed to be here at the beginning of the week for a mailing, so that can go out today.

I made notes on a story.

I temporarily defeated the masses of dandelions that invaded the side and front yards.

I worked re-feng shui-ing some stuff in the house.

I still have not been paid by that editor. 11 days late and counting. Obviously, this is not a good match.

The cats now want breakfast at 3 AM. Not happening.

Did the peer evaluations on the archaeology assignment; did some work on my final climate literacy assignment, which I will turn in this weekend.

I’m off to a meeting this morning, to help out with some stuff for the Writers Conference; then the interview, then getting out those mailings. Busy day, in spite of all the rain. But should be a nice start to the weekend.


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  1. I hope the interview went well, but I’m sure it did. Your passion for environmental issues and your knowledge of the details will most definitely be an asset to them.

  2. I, too, hope the interview went well.

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