Wed. July 24, 2013: Metaphorical Lemonade, anyone?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Got two bags of metaphorical rotten lemons dumped on me yesterday on two different projects. Will figure out how to make lemonade out of them, and then leave both organizations. Not worth my time, and certainly not worth the level of frustration.

Still not paid by that one particular editor. Ready to cut that tie permanently, too. That editor is on final warning.

On a more positive note, The Natural History Museum wants to start promoting the October performance of MURDER “SEALS” THE DEAL. I’ll put something together for them in the next day or two. The first offers go out next week to the cast.

I polished my script coverage package yesterday and started sending it out. I enjoy the work, so I might as well hustle for more of it.

Worked on some articles, worked on my archaeology paper, spun some story ideas.

Helene Hanff’s UNDERFOOT IN SHOW BUSINESS had me laughing out loud.

I have mixed feeling about another book I finished yesterday. I liked some of the story and detail, but the voice was overly simplistic and sounded just a touch too whiny as I read.

Last night’s meeting was fine, quick and efficient.

Migraine, but too bad for me. There’s a lot of work to get done today.


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  1. Sometimes it’s just better to shed the dead skin. Sounds like this is an overdue change for you.

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