Mon. July 22, 2013: Thunder Moon

Monday, July 22, 2013
Full Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Direct (as of Saturday)
Cooler and cloudy

Mercury is direct, thank goodness (the last few days were hell), but the dryer broke yesterday so, here we go.

Frustrated about a lot of different things, so I have to sit down, take a breath, sort it out, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. One editor, in particular, is at the last-chance line with me, mostly because I’m sick and tired of having to beg for payment. I turn in clean copy on time. Pay me according to the terms I agreed to — you don’t get to keep moving the line constantly. Or I will no longer be one of your writers. I was hesitant in writing for them again after our last round, but was reassured it wouldn’t happen again. Of course it is, and if it is not straightened out and payments handled on time, I am done with them, permanently.

I have to handle an intellectual property issue.

Companion Handbooks for last week’s classes are put together and distributed. Reviews written, polished, and to my editor (ahead of time), along with the invoice — this is the editor who’s great about paying on time! 😉

The big news is that I completed the fifth draft of the novel, updated the proposal and synopsis, and got everything off to my agent on Friday morning. I feel much better about the book now, and have a clearer vision as to what I want for the series now.

I pretty much ran out of words by then, and had trouble being coherent at all on Friday. Over the weekend, I started the writer’s rough outline of the second book in the series, and played with some short story ideas.

I was stuck in a meeting yesterday and missed Lucky’s release at Scusset Beach — I was sad about it, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Sunday afternoons in summer, it’s hard to get off the Cape over the bridges, and I couldn’t leave early enough to sit in traffic.

I’m trying to decide which of the projects needs priority now — probably the Cape Cod theatre novel. I want to pack up the drafts of this other novel and file my notes, so I’m ready to get back to work once it goes on contract.

There’s a lot to do and I’m in a cycle of burn out and frustration right now, that I hope to break soon. I want today’s full moon (The Thunder Moon) to start a cycle of joy and abundance.


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  1. Late yesterday and today is Ekadashi, so we’re in the middle of a fast. Funny how on those days, the body naturally requires less food. I didn’t realize until halfway through yesterday it was Ekadashi, but I wasn’t hungry. It’s the completion of a cycle, for sure.

    I don’t tolerate those late payers, either. They get one chance — then they’re done. Life is too short to waste energy on them.

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