Tues. July 2, 2013: Long List, Short Time

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Rainy and muggy

I’m teaching a one-day seminar online about putting together Media Kits and Media Rooms. It’s only $15 to get walked through the process for both, and you get a PDF of the class after. Information here.

And we’re coming up on a new cycle of private student slots. They are application-based, for writers serious about building a career only (not those who want to do it as a hobby), and writers are chosen on a combination of solid storytelling and demonstration of basic craft knowledge. Information on those slots here.

The articles I wrote this weekend were all submitted and accepted. That’s what we like. Worked with students. Did a huge chunk for a major editing client — hope to finish that today. Got some pitches out. Accepted another editing client on a shorter project. Got a review out to my new editor. Took my mom to the doctor — she’s doing well.

And . . .the carbon monoxide detectors got cranky. They were beeping intermittently, both the low battery and the “get out of the house!” sequences. I changed the batteries and the readings skyrocketed. So, I called the Fire Department.

The guy came over with his highly sensitive detector and confirmed it was fine. I don’t see how it could be otherwise, with the windows open. He took the carbon monoxide detectors out in the fresh air, and said sometimes they need “airing” and they get wonky in the humidity. Everything was all fine and off he went . . .and then the smoke alarms went off.

Mercury Retrograde is a pain in the butt.

Everything was fine. The batteries SHOULD be fine — I changed them on the Equinox. Frustrating, and upsetting for the cats.

It also meant I had to cancel out of my meeting.

Watched TV last night, because I just had to rest my brain. And my back, hunched over the computer all day.

A colleague suggested some new markets interested in novelette and novella-length fiction, and I spun a few ideas. We’ll see if I can slot it in with the other stuff.

I had to mow No Man’s Land — the dandelions were taller than my knees. Even though it was wet, it had to be done.

Tessa nearly caught a bird. It was a fresh one, who’d been teasing her, but still . . .I don’t want her to feel punished because she reacted on instinct, but she jumped from the deck nearly all the way to the neighbor’s yard (in one leap). As impressive as that is, she is not allowed off the deck. So she is back in her enclosure, with the gate closed, instead of having free range on the deck, but I did not scold her for doing what cats do.

I’ve got a couple more articles to draft today, on various topics, and I’m doing some follow-up on submissions that went out awhile ago and should have had a response by now.

I have a lot to do this morning, and then a conference call with my agent, and a Mermaid Ball meeting after that.

Must be productive!


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