Wed. June 26, 2013: Elections and Possibilities

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and hot

Yup, folks, Mercury goes retrograde today, until July 18. Unfortunately, I can’t put off signing the contracts coming in after that, so I will have to hold my nose, read extra carefully, and go for it.

Since it never felt like my Mercury went completely direct after the last go-round, I’m hoping to use this one to sort things out. Instead of being RE-active (I feel all I do on most Mercury retrogrades is duck and cover), I want to spend most of it being still and listening.

We’ll see how that works! 😉

Busy day yesterday, although it didn’t feel like I got a lot done. The afternoon meeting was cancelled, I voted, I switched out some books at Sandwich Library, I accidentally signed up with an agency (when I thought I was pitching for a job), and have already had a bite, so we’ll see. They liked my material and my credentials, so maybe we’d be compatible, if my samples match their tone.

It was hot and humid, hard to get much done, although the house stayed fairly comfortable. The rhythm of my life is much more affected by the weather here than it was in NY, where all we do is fight the weather.

Figured out the basic plot of three short stories and three essays.

Got irritated with a book I read — the author got a year-long, generously-stipended stay in Rome to write and took six months to write a 9000 word short story. Must be nice to be so indulged! 9000 words is 9 days’ work for me — it has to be, or I can’t pay the bills. And this guy WHINED the whole frigging time. He’s in ROME. Enjoy ROME. Stop effing whining and WRITE, damn it! A year in Rome? Paid for? When I think of what I could accomplish, with a provided apartment and a stipend in a city filled with art and history — the essays, the articles, the short stories, at least one novel, maybe more! On top of it, I’d actually ENJOY myself in the process! Not that I’m silly enough to think every moment would be perfect, but it would be a wonderful adventure.

Voted, which always makes me feel like I actually accomplished something, and was happy that my candidate won. We are blessed here in MA, with the quality of our current Senators and Representatives.

It cooled down last night, so all the doors and windows were opened to enjoy the breeze.

Supposedly, the temperature is lower today, but the humidity makes it worse.

Took my mom for her blood test this morning — Mercury is retrograde, so everything took longer than expected. I just sat in the corner and read a book! 😉

Now, I’m trying to get some work done before noon — I have an “adventure” this afternoon — will fill you in tomorrow.

Have a great day, people!


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  1. I’m with you on the Rome guy. Only 9K in a year. Give me a break. So much to see and write about just looking out a window in Rome, I can imagine the ideas popping into my head.

    Enjoy your adventure.

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Rome and to hear of someone who was basically paid to visit there complaining? Is frustrating. Good wishes and Blessings for your week.

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