Fri. June 21, 2013: Computer Recovery

Friday, June 21, 2013
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant
Summer Solstice

Sorry for the blog silence, but on Monday night, my computer died. Hard drive went — in the middle of a submission, no less. I was devastated. I can’t earn a living without a computer, since I telecommute, and have to use the computer to earn the money to buy a new one, which I counted on not having to do until fall.

Didn’t get much sleep on Monday night. Up early on Tuesday, and had to pull myself together for the Climate Change workshop to which I’d committed. Parked in Hyannis, near Town Hall, and walked down to the Steamship Authority terminal.

I was the only non-town employee in the workshop, which was a little strange. Everyone else had some job with the town. It was fun, everyone was interesting, but I was definitely the odd one out. Which I used to my advantage. We were doing a role-playing game, each playing the representative from a different faction of a fictional town, trying to put together a proposal for the mayor on flooding and land use management. I was the Town Planner. It was fun, it was interesting, but I’m not really clear on the purpose of this in the bigger picture.

After the workshop, I came home, packed up MacGeorge and took him in to CapeMac. They soothed me, and promised to find a way to get the computer working again, at least long enough for me to earn the money to buy the new one I’ll have to get in fall anyway, because this one can’t be upgraded anymore, and Apple will stop supporting all its systems in fall. They even managed to retrieve all my files.

So . . .I worked at the library, to keep up with all things email and my students — although I couldn’t work on any attached files on library computers. I was able to get online from my iPod, and could at least check email and respond to things that didn’t need attached documents from home.

I had a meeting Tuesday night, which went well. I wrote in longhand Tuesday and Wednesday, in preparation for getting the computer back. Just because your computer goes down doesn’t mean you “can’t” write — no such thing. Work in longhand!

Caught up on yard work — amazing how much one can get done around the house when not chained to the computer all day! 😉

Wednesday night was our last Writers Night Out until fall. I was on a panel with fellow authors Arlene Kay and Kevin Symmons, and we coached people on giving pitches. Seven people were brave enough to come up and pitch, and we gave them suggestions to make the pitches stronger. I think it was good for everyone involved. The three of us made a good team, building our comments on each others’.

Yesterday, I wasn’t able to get to yoga in time, but I was able to retrieve MacGeorge. Everything’s there, just rearranged a bit, so I had to re-orient myself to it a bit. No worries, I was just delighted not to have lost everything.

I made the revisions in a press release for the NMLC and distributed it, turned around a job for an editing client, caught up with students. Also completed and sent out the submission I was in the middle of when the computer crashed, and

Today, I’ve got to finish an article and write up a review, in addition to working with students. And get out a mailing for an upcoming event.

Relieved to have my computer back, and ready to get back on track with things! I’m looking forward to Summer Solstice celebrations today and a very, very, VERY hectic weekend.


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  1. Glad you’re back up and running again. I only lost half a day yesterday (Thursday), and I’m not often on the computer these days, but not having internet really annoyed me, particularly as I couldn’t job hunt or bid or accept or collect or deliver or invoice or anything. Nor did they understand that if I can’t earn, I can’t pay them next month.

    I’ve done some catching up over a leisurely lunch. 🙂

  2. I was worried, but glad to know you’re back up and running.

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