Fri. May 24, 2013: Stormy Start to Memorial Day Weekend


Friday, May 24, 2013
Almost Full Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Rainy and cool

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Yesterday wound up being kind of a mess.

Yoga was great in the morning, and I stopped by Covell’s Beach, even in the bad weather — it was lovely. Last time I get to go to the beach until Memorial Day — I’ve been going regularly off-season. On-season, even if I get a permit, it will be so crowded, I won’t be able to enjoy it.

So I enjoy my garden instead!

My mother had to get an adjustment done on her driver’s license (in light of her cataract operation), and realized that yesterday was the last day she could do it. So we had to race to the RMW in Yarmouth and wait for nearly two and a half hours to submit a piece of paper, throw some money at them, and get the license adjusted. Don’t get me wrong — the staff is pleasant and efficient. But the institution started a new numbering policy that doesn’t let the workers be efficient. Very unfair to everyone, but especially to the people working there.

But it got done, we made another stop at the beach, and got home. By now, it was mid-afternoon. I tried to get some work done, and didn’t have much luck with it. I tried to work on the proposal, but it didn’t make sense. So I finally gave up and had a mojito on the deck instead. And cooked pork chops for dinner.

One of my lovely neighbors (the one with the great garden), gave me an enormous catmint for the round herb bed, and some spinach, escarole, and romaine plants. I got them into the bed — it looks nice. Can’t wait to eat them.

Blazing migraine, so went to bed early.

Bad storm in the night. We lost some tree limbs (big ones), and one of them hit one of the gazing balls in the garden and smashed it. The two small potted trees in the front were overturned. The buckets were full (good thing), and the power was out (not so great).

The power came back on in a couple of hours, and I cleaned up what I could in the yard. All by 7 AM.

Today was the last day of the May is Manuscript Prep Month tips and they got the regular tip and a bonus tip! Hopefully, people have enjoyed this little foray.

Today, I have errands to run, packing to finish, proposals to get out, working with students, projects to finish before I leave, and things to wind up for next week’s trip. I’ll be working flat out through the weekend, so I can enjoy the trip without anything hanging over me. I also have a good friend’s going away party to attend.

Have wonderful holiday weekend, and a terrific start to the summer!



  1. Beware that catmint. Here, it invaded the garden and took over. We eradicated much of it, but now the lemon balm has taken its place. I love one or two plants — not 20 or 30!

    Barometric migraines are the worst. Hope the pain has subsided.

    • It’s in a special, rock-enclosed bed that’s just for herbs, so it’s got room to spread without getting out of control.

  2. Thank you for the May MS Tips. I loved them. Sorry to hear about your broken gazing ball. I remembered seeing one in your garden pictures.

    Hubby is also suffering the migraines. He won’t believe me that they are weather related. Oh well.

    Have a great trip!

    • So glad you liked the tips!

  3. After having two globes smashed (and boy do they go into tiny pervasive bits) I got a metal globe in Falmouth. Only thing I watch for now is strong winds blowing towards the house as its stand is rather high. It once took off like a cannon ball – luckily not into a window!

    • Oooh, I have to look into the metal ones — and in Falmouth, no less. Thanks for the tip!

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