Tues. April 23, 2013: Writing and Research

This is one of the reasons I live here — isn’t it lovely?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Please hop over to A Biblio Paradise to welcome this week’s guest, Justin Robinson, talking about his release, Mr. Blank.

Yesterday was a tough writing day. I worked with students, was approached for a small editing job, and am happy by how man people are signing up for the “May is Manuscript Preparation Month” tips. Pat, I saw your comment yesterday — I cover short stories as well as novels and non-fiction in the prep, so they will still be useful.

Struggled with Chapter 12 of the book, mostly because I’m writing about an area with which I’m not as familiar, and had to integrate research along with the plot and story. I had to keep stopping to look things up, and I’m still worried that I haven’t quite captured the emotional geography. I need to layer in more sensory description. I didn’t finish the chapter — I hope to do that today, and move on to Chapter 13. This sequence, set in Nassau, is the most difficult for me to write on a sensory level. But it’s important to get it right,and also communicate some of my character’s sense of wonder at what she’s experiencing.

I also need to layer in a threat — maybe at the Straw Market? Maybe waiting for a water taxi? I’m not quite sure where yet, but I need to ratchet up the tension.

In any case, that chapter needs some more work, and it needs to be right before I can move on. Some of what’s going on in here I can’t fix later, because it’s important to set up what happens next.

We had our “moment of silence” for last week’s bombings at 2:50, and a few minutes later I had to leave for a meeting. I swung by the Sandwich library, which was closed, but I still dropped off some books in the depository. Then, I headed over to the Sandwich Taverna for my meeting. It was a lot of fun AND we got a lot done. Best of both worlds.

I had trouble settling when I got back in last night, and I dreamed about the book all night, so I feel as though I haven’t gotten much rest. Yes, we’re at THAT point of the book.

Today, I’m working on the book, pitching a few projects, preparing more conference materials, getting out a press release, preparing for yet another meeting tonight, doing more wrap-up on the play. I hope to sneak in some work on the non-fiction book and the adaptation, but I ‘m not sure I’ll be able to do so. Also, have to write a review, wrap up stuff for a contest I’m judging, and pick up a few groceries — we’re short on things like milk and eggs. And I have to bake for yet another event I’m attending tomorrow. This is a busy week.

The yard is starting to look really good, in spite of the clean-up that still has to be finished. Things are growing and sprouting and looking good. Hopefully, it will warm up soon and I can put some of these plants I’ve started in where they need to settle.

I hope this will be a good year for lilacs!


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  1. As a reader I find the process you go through rather fascinating. Thank you for sharing them. Especially as my daughter loves to write and doesn’t talk about it much.
    I hope your week goes well.

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