Thurs. March 7, 2013: Working at Top Speed

Thursday, March 7, 2013
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Yesterday was flat out work. Sold an article I wrote and submitted last week — will let you know when it goes up. It’s with someone whose work I respect a lot, and with whom I’ve wanted to place something for awhile, so I was very excited.

Finished my new brochure. I’m happy with it. I’m going to put a PDF of it up on my Fearless Ink website.

Got some of the ebooks for one contest; the others from the other contest have been delayed. The print books were supposed to arrive yesterday, but haven’t yet. We’ll see how late they are and how it will affect the deadline.

Worked with students.

Had my meeting with the Director of Creative Economy for the state — it was a lot of fun. The packet of information given out was terrific. She loved the brochure, had some good ideas about the portfolio, and gave me some people to contact — suggesting I use her name, which I will do today. I also met some other people connected with economic growth in the area, and had some excellent conversations with them.

Today is about follow-up.

When I got home, the rest of the materials I need to do my part to speed up the delayed release were here, so I sat down and turned them around.

After that, I just had time to bolt down dinner before the actors showed up for rehearsal. We had a really good rehearsal, in spite of the power flickers, and a few 30-second-or-so outages (we had candles going and flashlights at the ready).

Then, I unwound a bit, and read some material for confidential job #1, and collapsed into bed. My neck was killing me from holding at a stupid angle while I worked on the stuff for the book.

Missed yoga this morning,although the weather’s so bad, I’m glad not to be out in it. Must get back to the piece I’m doing for my agent, and do the follow-up from yesterday’s meeting. I hope it lands me some interesting new clients!


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  1. Glad to hear things went well with your meeting! Blessings!

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