Wed. Feb. 20, 2013: Recovering from Corporate Ineptitude

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

I lost most of yesterday due to an issue that should have taken fifteen minutes with a competent individual willing to do her job. Instead, an aide from my congressman’s office had to intervene. This is NOT acceptable.

Incompetent individuals who hide behind “company policy” and pretend they’re “doing their jobs” MUST be held accountable as individuals as well as company representatives. With all the competent people out of work, the incompetent need to be fired and replaced. However, competent people need to be paid what they’re worth and tend to think for themselves, which is why so many companies retain the incompetent. We wouldn’t need so many regulations if individuals and corporations would behave with integrity. However, since so many are incapable of that, that’s why we have to have regulations, and that’s why they must be enforced.

So, in short, yesterday sucked, but today will be better!

I managed to get the next draft of MURDER “SEALS” THE DEAL done and send it to the actors and the people behind the production who need it. I even managed to work with students. That was woefully inadequate for everything that needed to get done.

I did manage to refresh my hair color in and around all the chaos (I couldn’t stand it anymore), and that made me feel better about everything.

Today is a truncated work day because of a Writers Center event tonight, and tomorrow I have yoga AND a mid-afternoon meeting.

So I have to be focused today.

If you’re writing a series or thinking about it, I hope you join “Prolonged Engagement: Developing the Series” running March 4-8, which covers the wide range of things you need to think about in relation to the series. Information here.



  1. At least you came out of the day looking good with refreshed hair, Devon. 😉

  2. Yep, sometimes a little personal pampering lifts the mood. 🙂

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