Fri. Jan. 18, 2013: Brainstorming & Writing

Friday, January 18, 2013
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Snowy and cold

Woke up this morning thinking I’d left the exterior lights on — but it was snow! We had snow last night. That means I have to shovel! 😉

Busy day yesterday. I added a Topic Workbook page to the blog, and added in the new February workshops (The Graveyard of Abandoned Projects & Journal into Fiction). You can click on the links in the right-hand column of the blog page. I decided to offer a one-week special for editing services — I’ll line edit the first 30 pages of your manuscript for only $75 (closer to critique rate than line edit rate), but you have to book before the 25th of January. Please spread the word! I’ve got a limited number of slots, and they’re already starting to fill. Email fearlessinkworkshops at gmail dot com to request a slot, and there’s more information here. I am NOT going to accept manuscripts that are not in Standard Manuscript Format. No single spacing!

Worked with students, and created the individualized exercises through the month of February for the private students.

I wrote an absolutely blistering piece yesterday that was originally was supposed to be a guest blog article, but I realized was something else. It certainly didn’t fit in with my host’s site; I’m going to save the article for something else (and try to sell it), and write a happier, more upbeat post suited to the host’s blog.

I received the Anne Truitt journal DAYBOOK a few days ago. Now, I own copies of all three of the artist’s journals. Her writing feeds my soul. If you haven’t read her ruminations on life, art, and their connection, I highly recommend all three: DAYBOOK, TURN, and PROSPECT.

Sat down and wrote two thirds of the first act of MURDER SEALS THE DEAL, the new play. We read it out loud at the brainstorming/pre-production meeting, and my colleagues really enjoyed it. We brainstormed the rest of it — so now I can sit down and write it this weekend. We’re waiting on pins and needles for the production date –we can’t really do much more without it.

It was a really fun meeting — lots of lively conversation that helps me with both the play and the mystery series.

Busy, crazy day today, so I better get going!


Join us at the “Graveyard of Abandoned Projects” from Feb. 4-6, with up to 5 projects, to decide into which you can breathe new life, and which need to be laid to rest, and from Feb. 11-15 for “Journal into Fiction”, where we explore ways to transform journal entries into viable fiction and learn journal-keeping techniques. More information and registration here.

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  1. Enjoy shoveling. We had snow, but only enough to land on the roofs and landscaping and elicit “Did it snow?” inquiries.

    Busy day for me, too. One big client project to sort and a smaller few to start, plus an article to finish (won’t be today, I guarantee). No rest for anything, including flu.

  2. Snow here as well. Shoveling sort of made up for not running. Only sort of. And the kids’ school was delayed in the morning by 2 hours.

    It’s nice, finally, to see the winter settle in.

    • I do love winter, even the shoveling bits! 😉

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