Wed. Jan. 16, 2013: Rain and webinars and work

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Yes, Jupiter’s been retrograde for a good, long while now, but I’d hoped if I ignored it . . .didn’t work! 😉

I like the rain, though — I like being all warm and cozy inside and hearing it patter out there. I LIKE variations in weather! 😉

Got some decent work done yesterday, got out a few pitches, worked with students, got out the next of the Topic Workbooks up on Smashwords:

The Series Bible: Creation and Maintenance

It’s a great little book with ways to set up a series bible to track details, arcs, setting, clothing, furniture, quirks in the series, so that if there’s a deviation, it’s a choice rather than a mistake. I hope you enjoy it!

I also added one more workshop for February, again a short one, running Feb. 11-14: “Journal into Fiction”. It deals with different types of journals, and how to transform entries into viable fiction. It also has tips on keeping a travel diary with an eye to mining it for stories, articles, and essays in the future. Details and registration here, under the information for the Graveyard of Abandoned Projects.

Both February workshops are at the beginning of the month, because I’m going into rehearsal for the new play and that will be my life for most of February and into March. I’m waiting to find out the date the venue is booked, because that’s what I will work backwards from.

Dropped off some books at the Centerville Library, and picked up some books at the Osterville Library. Read Sheila Bender’s KEEPING A JOURNAL YOU LOVE, which was interesting, and some of the writers quoted make me want to read them! Now reading Nancy Slonim Aronie’s WRITING FROM THE HEART — good info and encouragement for those in the early stages of their creative exploration, although she advocates writing in the present tense, and there’s nothing that gets me to put down a book faster than an author using the present tense. To me, it’s not a sign of immediacy in the work — it’s the author calling attention to himself, a twee “look at ME!” rather than letting me enter the character’s skin. I can take it in non-fiction and essay, but in fiction — just makes me want to throw the book across the room. I agree with a lot of Aronie’s suggestions, but this is one where I respectfully disagree!

I’m always reading new-to-me books about writing, to see what’s useful to add to the list for students.

I’ve got to get some work done on the play this morning, and work with students this afternoon. At 11 AM, I’m attending a webinar that sounds pretty interesting, about marketing strategies. So I need to clear everything possible off my desk before that.

Spent some time with both my Cosmology and Astronomy homework — amazing how much the greenhouse effect comes up in Astronomy class!

I’m coughing and have a scratchy throat — will use one of my herbal remedies, but I’ve been feeling so run down the last couple of weeks, I hope I’m not tipping into full sick.



  1. Devon, sorry to hear you are not feeling well…I am praying for your healing.
    Thanks for putting the “submissions” materials up for sell. I had just mentioned it to a friend, came on line and saw your link, and sent the link to him. It seemed like one of those serendipity things. I showed him the one we got at the end of one of your classes and planned to ask if you would sell one. And there it was.
    $2.99 is an incredible price for all that information. I was thinking about sending the link to my writer’s group newsletter. Would you mind if I did that?
    How long will it be up for sale?

    • I would be honored if you’d send the link to the newsletter. I plan for the book to be for sale as long as it sells well enough to earn its keep! 😉

  2. I like your take on the rain outside. Here at my desk, I have a very tall window just beside me – I glance to the right and there is the weather, in all its hostile, or beckoning glory.

    Back in the days when I wrote music, the rainy days were somehow the most productive. Doesn’t much matter for my writing, since most of that happens in a sleep-deprived stupor way past my bedtime.

    I lately have begun to enjoy reading all you prose-ists (prosers? prosets?) talking about writing. Thanks for letting me hang out here. I’m learning a thing or two, somewhere in the background. It gets filtered through a prism of rhyme and meter, on the way to the “aha!” place.

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