Thurs. Dec. 20: I Impersonate the Cookie Elf and Other Tales

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Thursday, December 20, 2012
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

Yesterday was about packing and delivering more cookie platters. Yup, that was pretty much the entire day. Several libraries, the business center, the vet, the fire department, the dump, Country Gardens, The Writers Center, Long Pasture, etc. — all the places I spend a lot of time and where they’re always good to me. Everyone seemed really pleased.

Yes, the platters take time and energy, but it’s also a way of letting these people I deal with all year know that they matter.

Check out this article by Frank Mulligan on the National Marine Life Center — not only is it a good piece to get more attention to the Center, but it’s exceptionally well-written!

I spoke with my friend over at Long Pasture about partnering with the Marine Life Center on a few things in the coming year — he’s open to it. I think it would be tons of fun, and that way, all of us could utilize our membership lists and expand coverage.

Still haven’t finished the holiday cards!

The plan was to get the cards done today and take the last platters Over the Bridge tomorrow — however, the weather today is great, and tomorrow is supposed to be disgusting, so I got up early, baked the last batch of red velvet cupcakes, and will do it this afternoon. I did get some more of the decorating done yesterday, and am starting to clear away the boxes.

Yoga was great this morning. And I stopped at the beach on the way home.

Tomorrow’s Yule — the Winter Solstice. I’m excited — I’m looking forward to the ceremony.


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  1. Devon, you ARE the Cookie Elf! I used to do the same thing, but hand happily hand you my jingle-bell hat and pointy-toe shoes.

    I used to bake and make candy from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, and give plates and platters to everyone. Then people started avoiding carbs, sugar and fat, so how could they appreciate my efforts? Now I stick to a couple classics each year. I love baking and seeing people enjoy the goodies, so anyone who said, “Oh, I can’t – I’m trying to be good this year” got cut from my list.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Paula, I agree that some people should be cut from the goodie list. I have a sister with medical problems and even though she asked people not to, they send her things she can’t have. My answer is to say thank you and then give the goodies away to someone else, but she gets all bent out of shape about it.

    Devon, I love that you are still decorating because that tells me you celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. I hate it when the carols stop playing later on Christmas Day and I refuse to send my cards out before Dec 25th. I always mail them so they arrive during my holiday and not the commercial consumers holiday.

    Also Happy Winter Solstice.

    I love your blog and read it everday, even if I don’t always leave a comment.

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