Fri. Nov. 16, 2012: More Writing and More Seals

Friday, November 16, 2012
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Pedal to the metal all day yesterday. Worked with students. Sent out job pitches. Did an interview that will go live in January. Was invited to do another guest blog, and do a swap. Turned around the final galleys for HEX BREAKER. Did some PR stuff. Worked on a review. Worked on an article that’s due Monday, but I want to get it out today (mostly so I can invoice).

In the evening, I went back to the National Marine Life Center for the seal training session. Lots of information, and it makes me long for the running notes of Broadway days! Until I do the tasks often enough to feel comfortable, I’m going to feel insecure and ask lots of questions.

It brings up all kinds of fascinating ethical and emotional issues that will be interesting to dissect in fiction.

Came home, exhausted. Went to bed early and had very odd dreams.

I’m getting lots of great emails about the blogging article that went live yesterday — thanks for the comments and the support!

Please get in your applications for the Playwright Intensive soon — and don’t forget the Flash 7 workshop, December 7-16.

I’ve got a bunch of projects to finish up and get off the desk today, and the weekend is about buckling down and getting A LOT of writing done (and my school work).

So, I better get going!



  1. I am so impressed with your productivity. I seem to spend 10% of my work time actually writing and the other 90% marketing and “connecting with potential readers” via social media. The whole twitter, Facebook, share trinity has me completely worn out! How do you handle it?

  2. I do my first 1000 words of the day first thing, before I’m “tainted by the day”. I still feel that I spend too much of my workday on the marketing and not enough on the writing, but unless we write, we have nothing to sell and market.

    I put aside a certain amount of time every day for Twitter – I don’t like Facebook, it doesn’t work for me, although I sometimes use it. I blog, and spend time visiting other blogs, and try to take advantage of promotion opportunities I hear about that I can afford. I put aside X amount of time per week just for marketing, and I keep it separate from writing.

    I like to write in the morning, so that’s when I do the bulk of it — but if I can steal time during the day, around the freelance assignments and the other stuff I do, I do it.

    The big thing is that, since I make my living writing, if it doesn’t get done, I can’t pay the bills. It’s not a 9-5 existence, and, as you earn your reputation, there are plenty of weeks and months where you have to put in extra hours. You do whatever it takes to get it done. If you have to pull the occasional all-nighter, that’s what you do.

    Eat properly and stay physically fit, because a writer’s life demands stamina!

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