Fri. Nov. 9, 2012: Exciting Writing!

Friday, November 9, 2012
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

We were battered for two days by the nor’easter, but now it seems to be moving on. The Callaich Storm Hag was on a roll!

Actually, got a lot done. Revised and sent out a play that had been requested. It was good to revisit it, and it holds up better than I expected. Revised a novella, and sent that out. That was in better shape than I remembered, too, although I managed to remove 15 qualifiers I hadn’t previously caught! I also got out about a half a dozen short stories that got piled up, and pitched to two organizations for whom I’d love to work — they don’t really have the position I want there, so I pitched to create it! I’ve also got someone interested in a book that’s only partially written, so I need to focus a little more on that one for the next few weeks.

This morning, I opened my email to find out that someone wants me to write a mystery play for their winter fundraiser. Tons of fun — totally would love to do it. So I hope it works out!

Read a frustrating book by a Pulitzer-prize author — basically, not much happened except people changed partners a few times, realized they liked their original partner, and navel-gazed a lot. Big disappointment, even if it was set locally!

I’ve got two press releases to write this morning, and then it’s the errands that didn’t get done in the past two days. I ducked out to pay some bills yesterday, but that was it.

Excited by the possibilities!


The Application deadline for the Playwrighting Intensive has been extended to November 20. More information and application here.

Flash 7, a flash fiction course where participants create, revise, and submit 7 pieces of flash fiction in 10 days is open for registration now. More information here.



  1. Navel gazed — perfect description. 🙂 Hate reading books that are more fluff or trickery than substance. Current one I’ve stopped reading is a mishmash of tricks — pages-long footnotes, printed backwards, upside-down, sideways — and two concurrent stories. One story in the body, the other in some of the footnotes (weird). Pages with single words on them. The stories? Boring as hell. For over 600 pages? Way too much boredom to commit to.

  2. Oooh!! I was just thinking I need me a dose of Tiger-Mom teacher to get my creative juice kicking! I have to clear my schedule and see about that flash fiction workshop!

  3. Kind of nice having unexpected time to get caught up, but I wouldn’t want the circumstances you endured. Sandy & then a nor eastern, back to back! Glad your okay!
    Best wishes to you east coasters.

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