Wed. Sept. 26, 2012: Tough Love & New Opportunities

Hard to pack and unpack when Violet’s sleeping on the bag. Tessa, nearby, enjoying the sun.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mild and showers

Yesterday didn’t turn out to be as productive as I wished; I was a bit under the weather. However, I made like a squirrel and did a major grocery shop at Market Basket (filling two grocery carts), so I’m in pretty well-stocked with staple food for the next few months.

I made a pot roast for dinner, something I haven’t done in about a year.

The paradoxal life of a writer: create a sword fight scene with multiple casualties and then go make pot roast.

Got some writing done, got some work done on my classes.

One of my students just sold a short story she worked on in class — I’m thrilled for her! It will be published next spring, and I’ll make sure to post more information when it releases. She’s an excellent writer, and this story, in particular, was riveting.

Regarding the whole NFL ref debacle: I have NO sympathy. The NFL locked out the refs. The players and the coaches should have refused to play, and the fans should stop spending money on the teams until this is resolved. The fact that no other entity in the game supported the refs and now they’re all whining — you brought this on yourselves, you greedy dumbasses.

Regarding the NHL issues: I am firmly on the side of the players. They already took a 24% pay cut. I sure as hell couldn’t afford that, could YOU? It’s not about the actual dollar figures, it’s about percentage ratios to what owners and the people who actually make the sport happen.

Brandy, you’re right, there are several things about REVOLUTION that bother me, in the fact that they are asking me to suspend disbelief in logic. The power’s been off for 15 years. Where are the windmills? Windmills existed before electricity. Where are the water wheels? They existed before electricity. There is “power” outside of electrical power, and so far, that’s not being dealt with. Someone brought up that you could build a battery out of a potato — why isn’t anyone doing that. They are asking us to suspend a lot of logic — I hope they are building into those issues. I’m still willing to take the journey, because of the things I do like about the show, but I’m aware of these unexplained lapses. At this point, I’m trusting them to deliver on the “whys”.

My acquaintance’s show was on last night, season premiere. Writing was stale, plot convoluted. I hope it finds its feet soon. It feels tired.

A newspaper to whom I pitched wants samples — very cool, I’d like to land an ongoing gig with them.

I’m putting stuff together for next week, when I’m working in CT — getting the stuff together I need for them, and also the extra stuff I need to bring with me for my own work.

Off I go, back to the page!


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  1. I’m with you on both the NFL and NHL issues. Pay the refs what they’re worth, not what you can get away with. It’s blatantly obvious how critical they are to the game.

    As for the NHL locking out the players, I’m sorely pissed. Sure, there are big paychecks, but these guys take hits that can, and often do, have lifelong effects. They’re some of the hardest working athletes today — pay them accordingly.

    And a big congratulations to your student! Well done!

  2. Don’t know much about NFL/NHL, but they are beautiful pusses!

  3. Congratulations on the short story sale by your student!
    As for Revelations? What about steam power? I’m not saying the show should go steampunk, but there were steam engines for years. And how is it that some lone operators have electricity and some form of internet and no one else can figure it out? Not to mention, what irks me the most is that the girl has that crossbow, but in the first episode couldn’t get it reloaded in a hurry. Um, huh? Then she also knew no basic self-defense. Bothered the snot out of me. She’s most often being rescued by a guy. It’s not that I want her to be a total kick-ass, but I would like it if she could at least hold her own in most instances. Sorry….
    Hope you have a good day!

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put so much passion, anger, disbelief in a real cause, I don’t know, child abuse or something instead of one play in one game of the NFL. UGH!

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