Mon. Sept. 24: The Autumnal Roll!

Monday, September 24, 2012
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Busy, busy, busy weekend. I was on the road, supposed to have internet, but THAT didn’t work out! I felt guilty about my tarot students, but, for the rest of my work, it was fine. I’d cleared a lot of work off my desk before I headed out.

The most important thing was that I finished the edits on OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK and got them back to my editor a couple of days early. The cover (again by the amazing PJ Friel) is set to be ready on October 5, and once it’s approved by the publisher, I’ll post it. The latest word I have on the DEATH SPARKLES anthology (in which you’ll meet one of my favorite new characters, Fiona Steele), is that it will release in October.

I’m working away on CRAVE THE HUNT, and the new book (which is still in too delicate a state to really discuss) is flying out of my fingers. I’m ready to do my first chapters for the mystery I’m using as one of my sustainability projects, and ready to do the opening on the aviation book. I’m putting together the article due Oct. 1 (I need to get it out by Friday, before I hit the road again on Saturday), and this morning, I have a write-up to do for Confidential Job #1.

On Friday morning, I had to get out the door early and drive to CT. The traffic was dreadful — for some reason, we were stuck around Fall River for nearly an hour, and then it was bad again around Stratford. Got there, exhausted. Since I didn’t have an internet connection, I concentrated on writing and on the materials for Confidential Job #1 (which were really good). To bed early, up early, more writing, back on the road later that day, and home.

Saturday was the Equinox, and I managed to get back in time to do my sunset ceremony.

Sunday, couldn’t get in to the forum where I’m teaching for some reason, which meant I couldn’t catch up with the tarot students — must to that today. However, I managed to watch the last lectures for both classes and take the quizzes and do my short weekly paper (whew). Also went to Country Gardens to pick up a few things so I can put the garden to bed for the winter.

The Sustainability Course is half-way through (we start Week 5 this week), those of the original 26,000 who are still there. Of the 70,000 in the World History class, we seem to be hanging in there. The Greek and Roman Mythology class, taught by Dr. Peter Struck of the University of Pennsylvania, starts today, and there are 50,000 of us in the class!

I have a LOT of writing to do this week. Tomorrow night’s meeting was cancelled, thank goodness, but I have a meeting on Thursday directly after yoga — I’ll have to make sure I bolt a quick snack between yoga and the meeting. Friday night, my one-act is going to be read at the Play With Your Food Festival at Tilden Arts Center, and Saturday, I hit the road again — I’m working in CT next week. Busy, busy, and keeping on top of the articles and the writing deadlines and the coursework, and I still have some manuscripts to read for that acquaintance’s submission overflow (I rarely say “never”, but in this case, I’ll say “not again without major payment”).

Costume Imp is coming down late in October, I’ve got to settle a few days for Fast & Fun Workshops and finalize the information for the Playwrighting Class, so that the application can go up.

One word at a time – -that’s how it all gets done!

The guy’s here to clean the furnace this morning, and then I have to pick up/drop off some books at a couple of the local libraries. Other than that, it’s a day of being chained to the desk (but loving it).

Did you have a good Autumnal Equinox? I’m so grateful for the many good things in my life!



  1. I cannot understand why New England cannot get their roads updated. It’s like this constant choke point anywhere north of Manhattan. Drives me nuts.

    Congrats on a productive weekend! I felt like something was accomplished here, though I’m not sure what. 🙂 I did get my essay in for the ModPo course at UPenn, and I think I turned the assignment on its ear. Everyone was parroting the professor’s idea of what the poem meant, but I saw something different and went with it. I’m enjoying the close readings and especially enjoying that he’s chosen one of my favorites – William Carlos Williams – this week.

    The equinox was nice. While he was sick and we didn’t get to do much, we did go out in the car and enjoy the feeling. You can just feel the change in the air and in nature.

    • CT is usually the worst. I’m convinced the DOT intentionally tries to screw things up for drivers. MA usually isn’t too bad, so I don’t know what the deal was around Fall River.

  2. “Did you have a good Autumnal Equinox?”

    Wonderful. Hubby and I spent the morning at the dock having breakfast. The summer heat finally broke. The weather was lovely. The leaves are starting to turn and I hear their crispness.

    • So glad you had a good time. don’t you love autumrn?

  3. Hi Devon, thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ll keep an eye on your blog. Glad you had such a productive weekend. 🙂

    • It was nice — I love it when I have large swaths of uninterrupted writing time.

  4. Glad to hear that despite, or because of, no internet access you accomplished so much! I am so happy that we are now officially in Autumn.
    Best wishes for a lovely week.

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