Thurs. Sept. 6, 2012: Juxtaposition in Days

Thursday, September 6, 2012
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Rainy and hot

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. The past few days have been rough, weather-wise.

Tuesday, I got up at 4 AM, posted what I needed to for the Tarot class, and got on the road. I drove to CT — passing through some of the remnants of Isaac. Horrible driving. I got there, hip in bad shape, collapsed onto the couch. Managed to get a weak wi-fi signal later in the day and get some work done, but mostly read.

Wednesday, overslept a bit, but was still on the road before 7. Thank goodness, because when I hit RI, I met up with Isaac again. Horrible, horrible driving, and I was afraid to pull over because there was no telling if it would let up. I pushed through. The water on Rt. 6 once I got over the Sagamore was half way up the wheels, so I took backroads home and made it, in one piece. Later, I heard 6 & 28 were both flooded, and most of Fall River was in bad shape. A half hour later, and I wouldn’t have made it home.

But I’m home, in spite of bad hip and worse headache, and I even managed to get stuff done this afternoon.

The cats were both mad that I left and glad I was home, and huddled with me during the thunderstorms. Makes me glad I live in a sturdily-built house. Had to go out and dump the water out from the potted plants — saucers were full and pots themselves overflowing. I couldn’t be on the computer much because of the storm & flickering electricity.

The two clients whose checks were due yesterday (so I can pay my bills by Friday), of course haven’t fucking paid, and one of them is acting surprised. That gig will be over and done by December, and I will be glad to be DONE. I’m tired of not getting the resources I’m promised for any given project and never being paid on time. I’m ready to dump a third client for what I believe is unethical behavior that I will not condone.

Fortunately, I sent out a really cool pitch, so let’s hope it’s accepted. All about replacing the low-end, pain-in-the-butt clients with better ones. The PITB aren’t the majority, thank goodness, and I’m getting better about cutting bait sooner, rather than letting things drag out, giving multiple chances and too many benefits of the doubt. You use up what slack you’ve banked, you don’t pay on time, you try to change the parameters, and the rate’s too low — buh-bye.

The Tarot class is a great group, and they seem enthused, and they’re digging in, doing the work. They’re creative and inventive, reflective without the egotistical naval-gazing one has to sometimes contend with. Like ‘em a lot!

Really angry that “They” are cutting down 400 tress in Los Angeles to move the Shuttle. It’s a Shuttle, people — FLY the sucker. Find another way. There’s ALWAYS another way, but those making the decision are too stupid and lazy to look for it. This is an example where the “workers” are hiding behind the “company” and the old “I’m just doing my job” bullshit. If these workers were ethical, they would refuse to cut the trees. They’re not, so they’d rather destroy 400 beautiful, living creations that actually positively contribute to the planet, in order for a single object to be moved down the road . . .ONCE. Justifying it by hiding behind “their job.” They should be put through their own wood chippers. I’m sure the Universe will come up with something far more entertaining than I ever could for their karmic return — but I’ll still probably kill off a bunch of them in a book. It also shows what hypocrites the LA environmentalists are — no one’s out there trying to stop it. “Oh, I’m upset” — well fucking do something, you fucking moron. Don’t whine into the camera — oh, wait, all you CARE about is the camera. I forgot.

The Sustainability Class is difficult and fascinating, but I’ve decided I hate graphs. You can’t flatten humans into graph lines. There’s not enough dimension.

So life has been full of interesting juxtapositions for the past few days.

And today should be interesting, too!



  1. Sorry you’re feeling a bit rough. Hope it all clears up soon – and the tail end of the storm too.

  2. 400 trees! It is indeed an extremely stupid decision, and it’s been making the news here with much acid comment. Other cities managed to move that shuttle without cutting down a single tree!

    Stormy weather–I hate driving in stormy weather, especially when it rains here and people lose their minds on wet roads. Good for you for making it through. Hope you feel better too! d:)

  3. I had no idea they were going to be cutting down 400 trees. That’s abhorrent and absurd. Take the thing apart in pieces, if must, but for heavens sake- don’t cut down the trees!

    I had hoped your hip was feeling better. I’m sorry to hear you’re still in pain. I hope everything works out for you work-wise. And that you’re able to be without pain in your hip soon.

  4. What I find abhorrent are when these same “California environmentalists” come up to another state, like Montana, raise all kinds of fuss, get our laws changed and then turn around and let this kind of crap happen in their own state?

    Hey – I’m all about saving trees, but don’t come to my state and force me to change my ways, our way of life, our hunting lands, and not tend to your own backyard? Seriously… fly the damn thing – NICE! Doesn’t it piggy back on the 747s?

    It sucks your hip is still out. I’ve had a headache for three days which won’t let go. Beginning to think there is an evil twin growing in my forehead.

    Question on the deadbeat client. We have a similar situation. So business ethics wise, does one deliver the content they contracted you for before you get the final payment or do you wait? What say you?

    • What does your agreement say about payment schedule? Have you been paid for the work until this point?

      My contracts usually call for 50% up front, 50% when I deliver the final portion of the project.

      On huge projects, it’s 1/3 up front, 1/3 at a pre-agreed-upon midpoint, and the the final 1/3 upon delivery.

      If the client doesn’t pay the middle 1/3, I hold the final portion until the middle third is paid.

      Contracts also have a late fee clause — if I’m not paid within 30 days of the invoice date, it’s a 20% late fee. That late fee is cumulative, so if it’s two months late, it’s 20% on the amount that had the 20% tacked on to it.

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