Fri. Aug. 17, 2012: Miss Gimpy Limps Along

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Friday, August 17, 2012
New Moon
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Sunny and pleasant

Didn’t mean to skip blogging yesterday, but the day got away from me. Wednesday was bad — in a lot of pain. Cleared off whatever I could, and tried to rest. Nothing seemed to help.

Went to yoga yesterday morning, and that helped, although my teacher urged me to have it checked by the acupuncturist, so I’m going to make that appointment. Driving is excruciating. I’m fine if I stand, lie down, walk. I can sit a little bit, as long as I can get up and move every ten or fifteen minutes. It’s the IT band/hip flexor. I can type standing up, and I read lying down, so I can get things done (because not getting them done is not an option).

Managed to get to my meeting last night — again, the drive was really the only problem. I can walk it off in a few minutes after getting out of the car, but the actual driving and getting out of the car are extremely painful. Obviously, I can’t take anything strong if I’m going to drive. So, I’ll try not to drive for the next few days, and rest and ice and all the rest.

Researching some more procedural stuff for the harpy trilogy, and researching the aviation. Haven’t written much in the past few days, but I’m wrapping up the year long class and doing the final prep for the three month tarot for writers intensive. There are still some slots open, so if you’re interested, take a look here. It is by application. There’s writing involved, but also a lot of other stuff, and I have to be very, very sure that no one who signs up is going to try to use it as a personal therapy workshop.

Need to do some background on some articles today, focus on the ghostwriting project, and keep the hip working.

I’d like to have a writing-intensive weekend — although, mid-afternoon tomorrow, I’m going to a friend’s to help her with her dress for the ball next week — she took it to be altered and they didn’t bother. I’m not the world’s best seamstress, but I can do a decent hem, and I bet I can either dart the back properly or we can use other wardrobe tricks to make the bodice fit better. I’m going to pick Costume Imp’s brain. Then, we’re off to a cocktail party for a bit, and I’ll come home to rest. I can’t go to the meditation retreat on Sunday, because I can’t sit, which is disappointing. So I’ll spend the day in variations of corpse pose here at home! 😉

Had a great talk with the person for whom I’m ghostwriting, and I think I can wrap that project up next week.

Onward (even though I’m a little gimpy at the moment). Have a great weekend!


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