Tues. Aug. 14, 2012: Mowing and writing

Star juniper replacing the dead heather

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Waning Moon
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Sunny and pleasant

Got almost all my conference follow-up done yesterday — just two or three more notes to get out. Worked with my students. Worked on some of the freelance stuff. Did some work on the aviation book.

I read two British mysteries in the past few days while I was supine on the couch — series character, lead is a cop, but they read more like cozies because they’re in a village. The first one, I liked, for the most part. The second — it was 158 pages before the cop — who is supposedly the main character in the series — got involved, and I was annoyed. Also, the writer TELLS us, at the end, a bunch of twists and turns that seemingly come out of nowhere that the protag never discovers (although he discovers the killer). I found that frustrating.

Read Rosemary Harris’s PUSHING UP DAISIES, which I really enjoyed. I wasn’t sure I would — I was afraid it would be a cookie cutter gimmick mystery — but it’s not. Harris is a master gardner and her character is an ex-television exec (as she was). She writes about the area I grew up in (and does it very well), her prose is good, her plotting is good, the humor is terrific, and her character is smart. So often in this subgenre, the lead female character does truly stupid things repeatedly throughout the book, not learning from her mistakes, and you wind up almost rooting for the killer. The protag here is genuinely smart and funny — not perfect, but she also thinks on her feet and puts things together. I definitely will read more in the series.

Sharon Shinn’s latest arrived late yesterday, THE SHAPE OF DESIRE, so everything had to stop while I read that. Very, very different from her other books — urban fantasy, and using first person. It took me awhile to get used to it, but I like how she’s stretching, and, ultimately, liked the book a lot. I just adore her writing, and I like that she’s keeps trying something new, not rewriting the same book over and over.

Up early, Tessa and I outside for our early morning writing session, and I got some research done, too. Amazing how much one has to grovel to get back into a cat’s good graces! Spent time with students. One of my students landed an agent at the conference, and, for the remainder of our class together, she’s doing independent study, putting her proposal together. So, we worked on that.

I’ve got a critique to get out, some work to do on the ghostwriting project, and material to finish for Confidential Job #1. Then, I need to get back into CRAVE THE HUNT and the harpy books for a bit. I might try the opening of the aviation book, or I might leave that for the first writing session tomorrow and read some more for it today. I’ve got some errands to run, too, and I mowed the front lawn. Got to keep chopping wood and carrying water, right? Actually, I find it soothing (well, not mowing, but a lot of the rest of the chores). I have a good bit of weeding and clearing to do — parts of the garden are dying back, preparing for fall — but I’ll wait until later in the day, and the mow the terraced back area tomorrow morning, before it gets too hot.

I have to keep my schedule flexible, because the garden needs attention when it needs it, not when I “get a round tuit”.

Enjoy the day!



  1. Sorry to see the heather didn’t make it. It can’t take heat of any sort, unfortunately. I’d love a yard full, but it can’t happen here.

    Your reading of that British mystery reminds me of a book I read that was so devoid of reality I couldn’t stand it (and it wasn’t sci-fi). The main character is some emotionless blob, which can work well if done correctly, but the ease with which he has an affair and doesn’t even seem to register guilt or happiness or ANYTHING other than the constant droning monotone of his life lost me entirely. It was supposed to be some well-reviewed, notable book. To me, it was a waste of a week.

    • don’t you hate it when something like that takes away hours of your life you can never get back?

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