Mon. July 30, 2012: Suddenly Quiet . . .

Mutant primrose in my office

Monday, July 30, 2012
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

It’s starting to feel like autumn, and it’s not even August. My orange chrysanthemums are blooming, the air smells sharp in the morning and evening, in the way it does during the turn of the seasons. The cats are shedding like crazy and growing their winter fur — it’s thick.

Busy weekend. Costume Imp’s friends from the west coast were east, and they came over on Friday for cocktails, dinner, and we watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. My reaction to most of it was “WTF?” I liked the Rowan Atkinson bit and the Queen Elizabeth/James Bond skit. Those were clever and worked. The history of the Industrial Revolution just didn’t, for me. It felt pompous and heavy-handed, and far too much a celebration of colonialism (which caused a lot of suffering that wasn’t even touched on). The parade of athletes is always interesting. Not having the flame publicly visible is, I’m sure, irritating to many.

Saturday we ran some errands and mostly watched the Olympics and recovered. We attempted to go to the Lavender Farm and Great Cape Herbs. The traffic was so awful that we only made it to the latter. Took way too long to get around. Now, I’m happy and grateful that everyone’s having a good summer season — I just don’t want to be out in it! 😉

Got a lot of research done for the aviation story. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting a better handle on it. More work on the revisions for the first book in the trilogy, while trying to balance writing the second book.

Sunday was just a quiet day at home. Much needed. Read a mystery that head-hopped so much it worked my last nerve and I found it hard to connect with any of the characters. Read a terrific fantasy by NK Jemisin called THE KILLING MOON. She is a superb world builder. I have to put that book on reading lists for class. Now I’m reading Alice Hoffman’s THE PROBABLE FUTURE. I love Alice Hoffman’s writing, so I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Somehow, in the fray of all this company these past weeks, the toilet seat in the downstairs bathroom cracked. So I replaced that yesterday and also put in a Waterpik 5-speed shower head in the downstairs bathroom. The original one is bagged and labelled, so, when we move, I can switch them back. I felt like such a competent handy woman after all that! 😉

This morning, we were all up extra early, because Costume Imp had to make a 7:30 bus back to NY.

I’ve got errands to run this morning, and then a short story to finish, an article to draft, and a book to start for critique. I’d love to just go back to bed, but — not an option!

I’ll have to mow the lawn this week — it’s been growing slowly, acting like it’s already October, but it’s now grown enough it needs some attention. The hosta blooms are all faded, and bees have all they want from them, so I’ll cut those back, too.



  1. Agreed on the Opening Ceremony. It felt like an exercise in attention deficit disorder. I’m not surprised by the flame being understated — that’s definitely the British way. And on another note, the queen could have been a tad warmer in her address. One line read off a card? Really?

    What really unnerved me was the commentary. Both unnecessary and at times uncalled for. I do NOT want to hear about political turmoils and decades-old wars and offenses as these athletes, who have NOTHING to do with governments behaving badly, are having the time of their lives.It’s inappropriate, in my opinion. And I wish Matt Lauer,who can’t bury his obvious bias in any news report, would just shut up. My husband, who has no idea who or what he is, was completely turned off the ceremony by Lauer’s babble.

  2. I wish we had your weather. It’s still very much Summer here and as I love Fall; I can’t wait for it to arrive.
    Way to go with all the “Handi-Woman-ness”!
    Best wishes for a lovely day.

  3. I recently went to Great Cape Herbs and I could not believe that anyone would call this place a farm! It is SO DIRTY inside and out! Garbage all over the land, in garden beds, and even in the chicken coop it’s disgusting! The chickens look under fed and sickly, I watched as they ate the garbage in there coop it was so sad. Some crazy looking guy was mixing up “medicine” in the back of the store and it did not look sanitary. That place is Gross!

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