Fri. July 20, 2012: Steampunk & Retrogrades

Friday, July 20, 2012
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

I’m having a bad Mercury Retrograde time. I’m not going to whine about it (well, not too much), just state it. Sorry I haven’t been around much. I set things up so the next six or so weeks would be organized and relatively stress-free, and it all blew up in my face. And not because of me, but because of entities which should not have any right to make decisions that affect me AT ALL. So I’m having to deal with that.

On a happier note, I’m working on my business plan for the coming year, preparing for Costume Imp’s arrival, and working on research for a quartet of very different projects that all have a lot of promise. I’m also working on some small writing guidebooks, both generalist, and a series of “Topic Workbooks” that I think people will enjoy. They’ll be affordable, but still chock-full of resources and links. The ghost writing project is going well.

I managed to fit in Juliet Blackwell’s latest Lily Ivory mystery, IN A WITCH’S WARDROBE, which I really liked, and I’m sneaking off for fifteen minutes here and there to read a few pages of SHADOW OF NIGHT, the second in Deborah Harkness’s trilogy that started with A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES. The workload’s been heavy, so I haven’t been able to read as much as I’d like. Now, if some of these people would cough up the cash on time for work done, all would be good.

THE STEAMPUNK TAROT arrived, by Barbara Moore, with art by Ally Fell. Wow. Just magnificent. The interpretations are layered and inspired, and the art work is spectacular. Not only is it gorgeous, it reads superbly. I’m going to use it for the three-month tarot intensive I’m teaching in the fall, and it’s already one of my favorite decks.

I’m determined to have a good weekend, and have some time for fun (with Costume Imp here, how could I not?).

Have a great time, people. It was a tough week, but the great thing is that I never have to live it exactly the same way again.

See you on the other side!



  1. I’ve seen different tarot sets and you’re right — there can be some very big differences in how well they read based on how they look. The reader I go to uses a set that makes me feel comfortable, but I’ve seen some where I’d much rather go without knowing than chance it with a chaotic-looking deck!

  2. I like the idea of a steampunk tarot set. Then again, I find steampunk style fascinating. I’m sorry things have not gone well for you this week. We’re having a few issues as well, though (so far, thank goodness) none that sound as bad as yours has been.
    Many blessings for you and a wish for a fabulous weekend as well.

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