Fri. July 6, 2012: Hamster on a Treadmill (does this mean I’ll lose weight)?

Friday, July 6, 2012
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and warm

That’s what I feel like — running in place, not getting anywhere. One of many reasons I don’t run on a treadmill — I want to make progress when I work hard! Frustrating day yesterday. Didn’t get enough done. Worked on revisions, the ghostwriting project, got my article out, worked with students. Sent out the email blast for the organization with whom I’m working and, although the test emails were perfect, some people couldn’t open it. I can’t sit there and send out individual emails to people in 15 different formats. I re-created the email early this morning, tried again in both HTML and text-only formats, again, per the technical support instructions, and it damn well better have gone through. I used the site’s format, so it has nothing to do with being on Mac rather than PC. Of course, if the previous person who handled all this had had the courtesy to give me the correct information instead of just up and leaving, none of this would be a problem.

Read a mediocre mystery the other day, and I’m reading one that’s just plain bad right now. This is someone with over a dozen books to the author’s credit. But the writing is sloppy, the logistics are off, when the author switches from first person POV to third, the third person is all telling, not showing, and the heroine is a bit of a moron. Discouraging.

My yoga teacher is giving a class on the beach today, so I’m headed out there this morning, and then I have an event at the Art Museum, and THEN I have to buckle down and work this afternoon, working on a couple of articles,working on the ghostwriting, working with students, and polishing a short story So much for mowing! But I got the daylilies deadheaded yesterday. And I got in a good weight training session. I’ve been lax about the weigh training lately.

A pair of guests left yesterday, another group leaves this afternoon, and the last leave on Sunday. Costume Imp arrives in two weeks for ten days — that will be fun.

Next week will be insane — teaching four classes, meetings almost every day or night, article deadlines, writing, and some other personal paperwork that has to be finished. I hope to make a dent in it this weekend. Probably not taking my preferred Sunday off!

Oh! One of the bunnies just scooted across the lawn. Fortunately, the marigolds in the front are too close to the house to be part of his buffet — but he and his partner ate all of the ones in the back! Better the marigolds than the veggies, though.



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  1. What gets me about authors whose subsequent books are loaded with problems is that there should be the same attention to editing, but clearly there isn’t. I blame publishers who rush these things out the door in order to hit some quarterly profit goals, or who cave in to prima donna behavior. And shame on any writer who doesn’t take the time to really craft a story — not just throw it on paper and collect the check. If they’re not editing or paying attention to the details, they’re going to lose readers.

  2. I’ve run across that problem in a few series I’ve read, too. It’s as though the editors think that no input is needed past the first couple of books in a series.

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